Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Naiya Update

Things are still unsure with Naiya. She is in some pain, but the best we can do is try to make her comfortable as she makes it through this. She is on several medications - Sucralfate to protect her stomach lining from high acid levels, Omeprazole as an antacid to help lower her stomach's acidity, and Cerenia to help her not vomit. She won't eat or drink, so we need to squirt water into her mouth slowly with a syringe, and she swallows it that way. The vet said that it is normal for her to not eat, but that we need to keep her hydrated. Last night she threw up three times - twice at home and once in the car on the way to the animal emergency hospital. Since then, she hasn't thrown up any more. If she did, the vet said that would be bad and we would need to take her in again right away. Originally, they recommended that she stay overnight at the hospital, but that would have been REALLY expensive, so we opted for the best we could do in terms of out-patient care. She's very lethargic, and pretty much won't move around. The suggested diet is boiled chicken with boiled rice, but at this point she won't eat anything. We're having to force-feed her pills, or grind them up in warm water and do the syringe trick.

Anyway, that's just a quick update. I took a half day off work today to help Nicole at home with Naiya, and now to hopefully get some studying done for my exam on Friday. Bio lab is in the morning as well. Running on sleep fumes at the moment; with only about 3.25 hours on Monday night and three hours last night, I'm definitely feeling it. Presentation today went well, and I've officially finished Organic Chemistry, as I finished my final lab report before my presentation this morning.

Though this movie is much more up-beat than I'm feeling at the moment, here's the video I made for my bio lecture project, which was also the reason that I only got 3.25 hours of sleep Monday night. In retrospect, I probably would have made some different choices that night if I'd known what Tuesday would bring... We made a poster too, which you'll see in the video toward the end.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This was great, Justin. Watching the video was a lot of fun and i learned somethings! I am anxious to hear that Naiya is doing much better in the morning. Mom

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