Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break... sort of.

This week is the official Spring Break from Hope College. For me and Nicole, that means that we have extra study time. Why would we use our Spring Break to study? Multiple reasons. First and foremost, two weeks after Spring Break, we're going to be kicking it in Florida for a week, which means we will be missing exams. So, we have to take those exams before we leave. SO, by the time we leave, we need to be a week ahead of the curriculum in order to stand a chance on the exams, and what better time to get a week ahead than the week during Spring Break when there are no classes and you have to be going to work anyway? I'm getting all my presentations ahead of time and reading out of the book, while Nicole is working out of her books and getting her labs out of the way; my professor was nice enough to just let me not do the lab without making me make up the points. The other reason for studying during Spring Break- the MCAT. I will be taking the MCAT for REALS in exactly two months from today- May 21st. So, I have eight weeks. That's not much time until the biggest test (so far) in my life. There aren't very many events that can be said to be "life-changing," but the MCAT would probably be one of them for a doctor. My score makes a real difference to where I get in, or even if I get in. At this point, I have studied enough to be not incredibly nervous, but I won't be able to completely get rid of the nerves before the test date. Taking a couple more practice tests will definitely help. The next one might possibly be this weekend... We'll see.

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