Sunday, May 1, 2011

Exam Week This Week - 3 Weeks Till MCAT

This weekend has been a blur of studying and eating out. My dad came to Holland yesterday and took me and Nicole out to eat at Crazy Horse, which was awesome. I'd highly recommend the food - both the quality and variety. Today, Nicole's dad came to Holland to take us out for lunch at Red Robin, which was also very nice. It was a lot of fun catching up with both of them, and both were perfect study breaks. The rest of the weekend (with the exception of church this morning and a post-lunch, pre-study nap) was filled with book-time. Nicole has her Microbiology exam tomorrow and is currently gearing up for a late night, an early morning, or both. I studied for a good while today, so I plan on going to bed in the next half hour, then getting up early for a long study time tomorrow before I go to work at 1pm.

All right, time for a break from the regular rhythm of describing the same old study-eat-sleep routine. I really want to tell an interesting story that happened to me recently, but I can't really do that at the moment. Nothing incredibly unique has happened lately. I've just been studying, taking quizzes, learning tons of information about organismal biology, and that's it. One interesting thing that I learned in class that disproved something that I sort of had always assumed about urine. I always thought that your bladder connected straight to your digestive system and that whatever water you didn't need from everything that you ate and drank just kind of passed through your digestive system pretty quickly and went to your bladder. Not the case! All the liquids that you digest (unless you end up with diarrhea) get absorbed into your blood stream. The blood then filters through your kidneys to remove toxins, filter out excess hormones, dump excess nutrients and help regulate glucose levels. At this point, excess water also filters into the kidney tubules and drains to the bladder. Your bladder isn't directly connected to your digestive system at all! Weird. I'm probably going to come back to this in five years and think, "Wow, I can't believe I ideas like that were ever so foreign to me." At this point, though, so much of how our bodies function is still such a complete mystery to me, my classes are like exploring something incredible and new! Too bad my organismal biology class is over - I was really starting to like it...

I need to take some more pictures sometime; I've taken some of the Holland area for Boar's Head, but I don't think I'd be allowed to post those on my blog... Proprietary rights, and all that. Lots of fun, but they own the pictures, so that's that. I kind of wish I had taken the MCAT last week. That way, I'd be able to relax after my exams this week and then enjoy Tulip Time. The summer is going to be incredible, though. This is going to be an awesome June, once I get my applications done for Medical Schools. That reminds me, I really need to figure out where I'm going to apply. Oh man... Well, that's a thought that will keep rolling around in my head as I try to fall asleep tonight. Great! It won't be too bad, though. I've got a whole statistical analysis set up in Excel comparing average academic statistics for accepted applicants at twenty of the mid-west med schools where I think I'd stand a chance, so it's basically going to come down to picking the schools where A) I compare academically to a majority of the students that got accepted and B) the most students from Hope College were accepted. I think it will end up being between 10-15 schools. That's a concern for a later time, however, as I still have not even begun my generic AMCAS application. That process will become available on May 5th. I also need to start on my personal statement sometime soon... 3500 CHARACTERS is the limit for that, and I'm definitely not known for being short-winded.

One last thing. Our house has a million spiders. They don't bother me in the least, but Nicole freaks out so badly EVERY TIME she sees one! She won't let me rest until I have killed it for her. As I type this, she just noticed two on the ceiling. I told her that this time, she needed to vacuum them up or something because it drives me crazy to have to get up every time she sees a spider. Honestly, it's not too much of a hassle if it's one or two spiders every couple of days, but this has been maybe ten or twelve spiders a day. Invariably, there are three or four spiders on the ceiling when we go in there at night. I'll get the spiders every time, but this time, it can wait until I'm done, or she can get - oh wait, she just brought the vacuum back into the room, and is now sucking them off of the ceiling. I'll write what she's screaming out over the noise of the vacuum.

Nicole: "Oh! This is a big one! Got him!! There's another!" She turned the vacuum off and is looking through the plastic of the dust collection bin. "Oh great, now what happens to them? They're just crawling around in there!"

Me: "Well, they're probably just going to crawl around until they find a way out. Or until they die."

Nicole: "I'm gonna vacuum some other stuff to kill them!" She took the vacuum out into the hall and started it up again. Now, from down the hall I hear: "Swirl around in there! SWIIIRRRRL!! Swirl around and DIE!!! You are the bane of my existence!"

The vacuum turned off. I can hear her wrapping up the cord.

Nicole just came back into the study and sat down primly at the table across from me. I can tell she's very proud of just killing the spiders.

Way to go, Nicole.

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Anonymous said...

Nicole got the spiders and U.S. Military got Osama Bin Laden. Two major military victories in one night......:)

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