Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tulip Time in 100 Minutes

Note: I had to repost this with different settings because the pics were too small. So, those of you that subscribe, you may have received this twice... Sorry.

I have a ham sandwich cooking in the oven. Before I put it there, I cleared the yard of sticks and debris from the winter. After that, I watered some new grass seed that got laid down. My sandwich will be done in a half hour. After I eat it, I will take a nap because I am very tired, and I would like to be awake for what comes next. After my nap, I will take my fifth practice MCAT exam. So, since I am currently waiting for my sandwich to get done, I thought I would add some pictures from when Nicole and I strode around Tulip Time for 1hr 40 minutes yesterday before she went to work. In the pictures, she's eating a corn dog. I'm eating a fatball.

They were both delicious.

Random pug with good profile.

I created a new semi-sepia filter, and he just looks so good, doesn't he?

That's Nicole and her corn dog.

So very happy.

My fix would come later; I approached the stand twice in twenty minutes, and the vendor told me it would be about ten minutes. I got one, after a half hour...

We decided you can make anything belong in Tulip Time by adding "Tulip" to the front of it. This is the Tulip Trolley.

Curb shot.

Nicole thinks this was a dog. I say no way; this woman was carrying a rabbit around. You can't see it, but it was wearing a very complex harness.

Cold Drinks. Blue.

This was the line for the trolley tours.

The Holland Museum. It is one of my sight-seeing shames that I've lived here for eight years, and I've never been inside...

trees with buildings

I think he was supposed to be a fairly significant historical figure, but I took the picture of him because I liked thinking he was a pirate.

The ugly moss-covered fountain around which people were gathered to watch many dutch-looking children play disordered combinations of patty-cake and footsy with one another. Interesting, but not necessarily my main attraction during Tulip Time. That would be the fatballs.

I had to include some tulip pictures... The event's namesake, and all that...

6.4 more tulips.

Awkward Nicole, displaying the tulips.

"Is there really a spider near my hair?!? You're kidding. Are you kidding? Justin! This isn't funny! I am going to KILL you! No, wait... There's no spider... Right? Justin! Take the picture so I can run away screaming!"

The pistil (stigma and style up top) and stamen (filaments + anthers). Thanks, Organismal Biology...

Two really weird people we saw at Tulip Time. They weren't posing for a picture; that's just how they were.

Old clothes and new stroller - temporal contrast at its best.

You can't see it because my mongo hands are covering it up, but I'm eating a fatball. It's basically a fried pastry with whatever fillings you want crammed into it. I got cinnamon apples and Bavarian cream.

Nicole took this picture of the creepy not-baby in this woman's bag.

This dude is awesome - The Grand Pedicab Company. I'm pretty sure it's just him. He rode around calling, "Pedicaaaab?!" kind of like a vendor at a baseball stadium would yell, "Hot dooog?!" while walking around. The thing is, hot dog vendors don't do that while someone is buying a hot dog from them. This guy did it whether or not he had passengers, which I thought was funny.

This is where we got married.

She didn't know I was taking this picture; it was a hip-shot as we walked.

She was jumping like a crazy duck; the mail truck was not intentional.

Again, she was just jumping for kicks; she's not that excited about Home City Ice.


Anonymous said...

Love the "blue" picture. How'd you do that effect?


Justin said...

I use Adobe Aperture 3 for all editing. For that, I desaturated all colors except blue and a little cyan. I considered masking out the cold drinks sign so it wouldn't be colored, but then decided I liked it. You can get Aperture at a much cheaper price if you're a student or a teacher, you just need a .edu address...

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