Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cozy Vomit

This morning was the wettest, dreariest day of the year so far. Nicole was VERY excited. I don't know how many of you have seen her this excited before, but believe me, it's a real sight. Her eyes pop like she's got a thyroid problem and she takes huge breaths while grinning and saying in this oddly guttural voice, "I'm so EXCITED!" The thing is, she says it like the little girl from the movie Despicable Me who says, "It's so FLUFFY!" Yeah, it's like that.

Let me explain.

For days now, Nicole has been hoping for a day to come along that is just full of nasty, sick weather so that she would have a good excuse to get cozy on the couch and relax without feeling bad about not going outside. The problem was, she kept having to go to work whenever such days would arrive. She even hinted at one point that she might rather be sick and stay home, because that would give the same excuse-free relaxation.

So today, she was delighted to look out the window and see the thick, wet, misty drizzle soaking the outside world. I was getting ready to go to a meeting with my pre-health professions advisor and was excited for her sake. While I fed Naiya (who then attacked her food with a vengeance), Nicole talked about going for a run, but I was hearing nothing of it. No way.

I picked her up and set her firmly on the couch. I then covered her with a nice blanket and set up her iPad, cell phone, Wii remote and water bottle all within easy reach. I turned on the TV with Netflix and blocked her in with the coffee table. She seemed so happy, content and cozy, it filled my heart with joy. When I was ready to leave, I walked over to give her a kiss goodbye. As I knelt down beside the couch, I heard a strained, wet, squelching sort of noise coming from my ankle. I looked down just in time to see Naiya vomit half of her breakfast right next to Nicole's cozy couch setup. I barely had time to leap into action before she lost the second half. I tried to aim her into her now-empty food bowl before she let loose, and only missed by about two inches.

Note to self: when I buy a house some day, the kitchen floor will not - NOT - be carpeted. I cleaned up the bulk of the chunks and liquid, but had to leave Nicole cleaning the spots with soapy water. (By the way, Naiya is my dog. She's had health problems in the past (pancreatitis), but this was just a regular dog vomiting in a regular way because she ate too much too quickly). I really hope Nicole went back to her cozy couch afterward, but knowing her she probably ran two marathons, went grocery shopping, fixed the leaky pipe in the basement, did a craft, tracked a deer in the forest before skinning it in record time, took some pictures, donated things, made curtains and verbally pwned the service providers of all the rejected claims that came back because they spelled our name wrong. And all while looking ravishing, of course. That's my wife, after all... Still, I hope she relaxed.

As for my advisor meeting, it went great. I feel really encouraged, and I like the new pre-health professions advisor. She really knows her stuff as far as these med school applications go (she was on the admissions committee at U of M's med school, after all), and I feel confident that mine is going to be awesome when I'm done with all the revision. My new goal is to have it completely done and submitted by the end of June or early in the first week of July. For those that don't know, that's still really early in the process; applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis starting June 1 and going through November. Getting in by early July is quick without seeming desperate. =)

I said goodbye to a long-time coworker in the HR department today. He's been awesome to work with and recently accepted a position with Sales, working out of Texas. He'll do great with it. Way to go, Arnoldo! I gave him my blog address to keep up; we'll see if he actually reads it!

On a side note, today was Travis' first full day of being homeless. I have no clue how it went, since he's homeless. Not really easy to give him a call to find out. Please pray for him and give him encouragement on his blog, whenever he finds time to write in it.

This weekend Nicole and I will be going up north with my mom and Doug to see some cool wilderness and touristy Mackinaw goodness. We might also celebrate a birthday along the way... Who knows whose it might be?



Abby Brown said...

Hey Justin, I love reading your posts! I will be praying for Travis and will continuing praying for you and Nicole!


Justin said...

Thanks very much Abby! It's really encouraging and fun to hear that people are reading! We always appreciate the prayers, too. Do you have a blog or anything we could follow?

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