Monday, June 20, 2011

MCAT Scores, a Homeless Brother and Impatience

Three interesting topics for this post:

- Tomorrow, I should get my MCAT scores back.

- The day after tomorrow, my younger brother Travis will be homeless.

- Also, I am impatient.

As for tomorrow, there is no guarantee when; my scores could come at any time, or not come at all and arrive the day after. It's a torturous waiting game. For those of you that don't know, the MCAT score is to a med school hopeful what the GRE is to a grad school hopeful, or possibly more so. I can't be sure, as I have never taken the GRE. Regardless, what you get on the MCAT can make or break it for you in getting into certain schools.

Today is my 29th day of waiting, as I took the test on May 21. I will not be sharing my score either way, online or in person. Please don't take this personally, but that is something that I consider to be very private. Nicole understands this, something for which I am very grateful. The other day she told me I don't have to tell her what my score is unless I want to. What a comfort to know she won't be offended if I choose to keep that to myself! There are several reasons why I may choose against divulging:

1. If I end up being proud of my score, I won't want to get a big head or seem cocky by sharing my score.

2. If I am disappointed by it, I would probably be embarrassed by people knowing exactly how poorly I had done.

So, either way, the most I will probably say is that I am happy with my score or not, and perhaps how I think it might impact my chances on getting into medical school. I like the word "perhaps." Mostly because of the "haps," I think, as well as because whatever's being referenced as tentative in nature is essentially said to be "per" the said "haps," whatever it is that they themselves may in fact be...

For now, I bide my time, trying not to mentally fidget and twitch myself into insanity via meanderings like the end of the previous párrafo. Pray for me, but even more so pray for my wife, as she is the one who has to live with me. Imagine THAT, and hey look, your day just got better.

Also, pray for wisdom and guidance for our pastor and church, as we are currently searching for a youth pastor. Congratulations to Pastor Timothy, as he recently accepted a pastoral position with Ventura Baptist church. It is his position that we are seeking to fill, hopefully by the end of the summer. Coincidentally, the result and timeliness of that search may end up having some strong implications about Nicole's and my housing situation. Feel free to ask me if you want to know more than this.

Lastly, pray for my brother Travis, as he is getting ready to begin a ministry project that involves being completely homeless on the streets of Denver for the next two months. He will be updating his blog periodically, but given the nature of this project, they will probably be pretty sporadic. He does a great job explaining the WHY of it all in his first post, so I won't bother paraphrasing it here. You can check it out if you're interested. Actually, you SHOULD check it out because it's really interesting. I think great things could come of this, but it is not without risks, so please keep him in your prayers.

That's all for now. We'll see if I can fall asleep tonight with my mental jumble of thoughts tearing disastrously around in my skull, much like a pride of lions that very recently discovered a catnip farm.



Anonymous said...

Definitely am praying, Justin. I love you. Mom

Sam P. said...

Are you sure you took the test on June 21...

Justin said...

Thanks for that! Definitely meant May. I changed it...

Justin said...

Oh, and thanks Anonymous Mom. : )

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