Friday, July 15, 2011

HP & the Deathly Hallows Part 2 - Costume Photos

Nicole with her overly-excited face, me with my overly cocky/non-plussed face.
We didn't get dressed up. We were lame. We still had an awesome time.

Weeks ago, when I was still in the throes of writing my personal statement, Nicole bought tickets for us to go see the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (in 3D, hence the awesome Harry Potter-themed glasses we're wearing above) on opening night, which was technically this morning. We are fans, mostly because we liked the books, but I wouldn't call us fanatics. Is a "fan" by definition also a "fanatic?" They seem like they're probably etymologically related... Regardless, I was excited, though not nearly as much as she was. I thought there would be two or three people dressed up, but not really anything big.

I was wrong.

I'd never been to the opening of any big cult-followed movie before. I knew that bigger theaters tend to attract the huge crowds (I can only imagine the outfits that showed up when the remade Star Wars move hit theaters a few years ago), but I didn't really think that very many would dress up to come to the smaller theater we went to.

What I found when we arrived two hours before showtime was a very excited, authentic crowd. Lots of people had shirts made for the event, others dressed up as characters from the movie, or simply in robes meant to represent those of a Hogwarts student. One guy dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow and posed for his picture by lying facedown on the ground (see pics below)... There were wands everywhere, lightning bolt forehead scars, and striped ties galore. I give an A+ to the girl dressed up as the Golden Snitch, as well as the woman dressed up as a convincing Bellatrix Lestrange. There was even a guy (unfortunately not caught in a picture) who brought a broomstick and a homemade Quidditch bat that he ran around with, pretending to chase a Golden Snitch. Fanatic to say the least, but definitely entertaining!

Nicole and I decided we should have dressed her up as an awesome Cho and me as an inordinately tall Harry. The guy next to me kept making comments during the movie, though for once they didn't bother me, as he was pretty funny. One of my favorites was when, at the exactly perfect moment, he blurted out, "Wow, Harry Potter is really short!" He's right! Daniel Radcliffe is wicked short. While we waited in line, Nicole pulled up this blog post of some other random person, which gives a really interesting look at how all of the actors aged over the ten years of producing the movies.

Speaking of which, the movie was exactly what I expected - awesomely entertaining, but not very close to a strict following of the book. That's totally fine, and in some ways made it more interesting, since I couldn't predict exactly what would come next. There were several awkward moments that I think were meant to be serious but just came across as hilarious. One was when, after one of his Hoarcruxes got destroyed, Voldemort gave a bit of a grunt. It was probably meant to be a grunt of pain or something, but it sounded like a noise that a 400-pound, frustrated infant who's had his tongue cut out might make. That alone might not be funny, but when the camera just kind of lagged on his snake face for several more seconds without anything else happening, the whole theater just busted up laughing. Another was when Voldemort hugged Malfoy. He kind of gave the hug to Malfoy's shoulder, and it lasted way too long to seem natural and just came across as *sniff...* awkward.

The best part may have been when Harry was talking to his dead parents and the girl a couple rows behind us and to our right began to sob in earnest. I don't mean a couple of little sniffles, I mean heartfelt, gut-wrenching sobs of deep, suffering anguish. She was really feeling it. When I looked over my shoulder in an attempt to stare at her, I had to struggle to not laugh really loudly (it was a quiet scene) when I saw the row of boys behind her thrashing in their seats as they struggled (and failed) to contain their incredulous and joyful laughter from bubbling over at her over-the-top reaction. It was several moments before Nicole and I could control out laughter. Man, that was awesome... I suppose I could have expected something like that, but still... Just one more unique experience at the hands of Harry Potter fans, I suppose.

Unfortunately, since I wasn't expecting such an interesting crowd, I forgot to bring my Nikon and had to settle for the camera in my iPad. This left much to be desired and for that reason, I apologize for the terrible quality of the pics. Thanks to everyone who agreed to have their picture taken and appear on my blog! Hopefully these pics will help everyone else catch some of the excitement that buzzed around the room while we waited for the doors to open. Enjoy!

Here's Bellatrix Lestrange. At first, I was expecting her to smile, then she whipped out this pose and kind of freaked me out...

Captain Jack Sparrow doing a faceplant. I think he explained the significance of this pose, but I missed it in all the hubbub.

Some were very serious, striking dramatic poses.

Nicole mentioned how she wishes that stuff like this had been coming out when we were in high school. She DEFINITELY would have been in one of these groups.

Here's the Golden Snitch! She opens at the close... Hmmm. I'll leave that one alone, I think.

Hermione Granger, I believe. Very serious stuff. When I saw her wand, it made me wonder - did everyone have all this stuff hanging up in their closet, or did they go get it all in preparation for that evening? Hmmm...

There's one of the light-up wands I mentioned! Lumos!

Harry Potter and Cho Chang!


Anonymous said...

Cho is Asian and is a Ravenclaw. That girl sucks.

Sam P. said...

Ummm... Tell Nicole stuff like this DID happen when we were in high school. In fact the only reason I got into Harry Potter was because my high school friends dragged me to the midnight showings and made me dress up as Neville so we'd have a complete set.

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