Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crazy Week...s. Moving this weekend!

It's been a while since I've written anything. There's a good reason for that.

My life has been crazy.

Tuesday it was confirmed that the house we're renting from our church is going to be needed for the new youth pastor they are hoping to hire and have move in over the next four weeks. We were fairly prepared for this, since we met with our pastor a little over a month ago and were told it was a real possibility. After recent correspondence, I figured that the probability of us needing to move would be about 95%. This wouldn't be a huge issue, except that my classes (and therefore my 14-hour-everyday days) start in 27 days. There's no way that I could plan for and execute a move after classes start anyway, so we'd need to be out soon. Oh, and we're going on a 5-day hike to and around the Lake of the Clouds in Michigan's Upper Peninsula in about a week.

Needless to say, recent times have been a bit frantic. During the past week, I started and finished a pell-mell search for a new place to live, primarily focusing on a place that would reduce our stressful school year as much as possible in terms of location, quality and minimization of heating- and parking-related headaches. Using a combination of Craigslist and driving around town to find For Rent signs, my wife and I viewed seven residences in 3.5 days. Tuesday, we met with our pastor and found out that we would definitely need to move, and the sooner the better for both us and them. About two hours of painful deliberation later, I signed a one-year lease, coughing up way more money than was comfortable for the security deposit and the first month's rent. We had been undecided between renting out the main floor and basement of a house that was further from downtown, campus and work but was across the street from a huge park and had a view of the lake, and a loft right in the middle of downtown that was a five-minutes' walk from campus and 1.5 miles from my office. In the end, we decided on the loft because of convenience and simplicity. It also had the benefit of forcing us to purge all of our extraneous possessions, such as old notebooks from college, kitchenware we don't use (who needs a salad spinner when they never eat salads?), and nine-year-old t-shirts with holes in the armpits.

I got the keys to the new place yesterday so we could take measurements, start planning a bit where we'll put things and just basically get our heads a little bit straighter. We can't start moving until Friday, and I've already got a 17' U-Haul reserved for Saturday!

In medical school-related news, one cool bit came through today. My committee letter (along with all of my letters of recommendation) arrived at AMCAS yesterday! This is good because it means that all of my letters are ready to go out to medical schools as soon as my application gets reviewed and approved for distribution. I submitted it on the 5th of July, and it usually takes around 4-6 weeks to get verified by AMCAS, after which it will be off to the races!

This coming semester is going to be an absolute blur. I will be taking Biochemistry I (Monday Wednesday Friday (MWF) 1-hour lectures), Analytical Chemistry (MWF 1-hour lectures) and Analytical Chemistry Lab (Thursdays for 3 hours). That will be in my mornings, and I hope to be able to shadow physicians and/or find a volunteer opportunity for my Tuesday mornings, though those may end up being focused on "marriage insurance," aka quality time with Nicole. I'll be working from 1pm-9:30pm every day, then coming home to try to do homework and write secondary essays for any of the 15 schools that request them, which is likely to be all since each one has an associated $65-$110 fee they like to collect.

That all being said, I'm looking forward to the challenge. It may get more difficult toward the end of the semester when I will start the interview process. Things will probably get fairly hairy when I start having to miss class and take vacation days at work for the interviews that are far out of town, but we've saved up for this, and it should go all right. I know I've got an incredibly wife who will be able to hold down the fort when I'm out of town, even though she'll be working part-time and starting her first semester as a full-time nursing student.

Hopefully, this will be the craziest our schedules will ever be.

I could probably write twenty more pages with everything I have buzzing around in my head, but that just means that I should get on here and write more often! Finding the time and motivation - that's the key.

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