Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Loft

We moved about two weeks ago, and this post has been composed in quick five-minute chunks over this past week. I think I'll also include some time lapses of us unpacking some stuff, possibly in the form of a video. Click below to load the pics and stuff.

As a quick update, I am submitting secondary applications in the order that I received the requests. I have submitted secondaries to the Pritzker, OUWB and UofM so far...


Our very empty kitchen. The sink is sweet; it's got a faucet like they use in restaurant dishwashing sinks. The kicker is, it ALSO has a dishwasher, so we don't use it that much...

This is kind of the kitchen, kind of the laundry area. It's pretty big, so it doesn't feel cramped. You'll get my drift once I post some pics of the furnished version.

See what I mean about the sink? It's cool. The fridge is huge too.

This is the microwave's view.

TINY bathroom, but we make it work. Our height difference is perfect. Nicole is just short enough that I can see right over her head (and could probably spit toothpaste over her, too, if she trusted me to not miss...), so it's pretty much a single-file operation most of the time.

The bathroom is connected directly to the main bedroom on one side.

The main bedroom. Note: there are two bedrooms, neither of which contains a closet. Luckily, we got as many of these armoires as we wanted to use. They're made by Herman Miller and were donated to our complex, and they work great. We took FOUR. Also, the windows in the bedrooms are opaque, frosted glass because they look out into the living room. It's nice because it lets in natural light from the exterior living room windows without letting people in the outer room see into the bedrooms.

The rooms have these huge wooden posts, which I like a lot. I really want to nail things into them, but that's against the rules (understandably).

View from the entrance into the living room.

The living room is really cool in that it sweeps around the master bedroom before widening into what we have dubbed as "the nook."

There's also this pretty nifty storage area that is lofted above the bathroom and hallway. That's my lovely wife in the corner. Ain't she cute??

This is the nook. Not sure what we'll use it for, but it might be my favorite part of the loft.

Here you can sort of see how it wraps around, if it wasn't clear from the other pictures.

Here's the second bedroom, which we will be using for storage and as a study. It's actually where I'm sitting right now, though we've since put in a table, chairs, two additional armoires and a bunch of clothes and camping / backpacking stuff. 

There's Naiya, checking out the vacant digs.

Here's a time lapse video of us unpacking some things in the kitchen and living room. I'll try to see about getting some pics of the furnished place up here sometime...

Encouragingly, I managed to bang out 2/3 of my first OSU essay while that uploaded.

Things are looking up!


Nicole said...


Susan said...

So fun to see how things have progressed from house, to loft loaded to what seemed like the gills and now it's....home...and very nice indeed.

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