Monday, November 14, 2011

Good Reads & My Biochem Blunder

I follow a number of interesting blogs, and I finally whipped up the gumption to add a tidy list of them to my blog. You can find them off to the left, populating a column that was created just with them in mind. Thanks to Phenomenemily (who I've followed for a while) for the following link to a strange but deviously interesting story post from Inkfish (which I am now following):

I explained in a previous post what the following relates to. Check it out if you're confused.

Savant Syndrome Fact 4:
To savants who experience synesthesia, numbers can vary in their "degree of beauty." To Daniel Tammet, an extremely high-functioning or "prodigious" savant, a telephone number with the sequence 189 is much more beautiful than one with the sequence 116. A good comparison would be how, just as it would be impossible for a hearing person to explain to a deaf individual why the sounds of a chainsaw or nails on a chalkboard are horrible and grating noises, it is impossible for Tammet to explain to others why one number is more beautiful than another. It is as though he has an additional mental sense that most people lack. Not all savants experience numbers as having shapes, patterns, or varying levels of beauty.

I took my Biochemistry I exam this morning, and it was rough. I felt I had prepared pretty adequately for this one, and was just surprised at some of the material that comprised the bulk of the test. Seriously, 14 points on plasmid vector structure implementation in DNA replication? That was barely a blip on the daily lecture radar, yet it made up almost a letter grade and a half of the total points... Add that to the stuff that I really SHOULD have known and completely blanked on after that plasmid shake-up, and the result goes down in the books my first real Biochem Blunder of the semester. Eesh. Definitely not looking forward to getting this one back...

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