Thursday, December 15, 2011

Whirlwind & UWSMPH Interview

This week has been a whirlwind of activity. I worked last Saturday morning, finishing out an 80+ hour work week; we essentially had a big... issue... over the last couple weeks at the company where I work that resulted in everyone from every department working 12+ hour days... Luckily, things calmed down a bit for this week.

Unfortunately, working that much on 2nd and 3rd shifts while going to school on 1st shift tends to leave one a bit... drained. Apparently my immune system took the bulk of the damage, leaving me with a nasty chest cold all week. Originally I had a Biochem exam scheduled for Monday morning and an Analytical Chem exam for Tuesday morning. I was not prepared, largely due to working / finishing assignments until 3-4am all last week. My professors have been great, the major result of their incredible flexibility being that I got to take my Biochem exam on Tuesday (I think it went great!), and I don't have to take my Analyt exam until this coming Monday morning!

That leaves me free to focus on my interview at the Wisconsin State University School of Medicine and Public Health tomorrow. That's right - today I'm heading off on a six-hour adventure to Madison. Got the car all prepped yesterday morning, I took a half-day at work today, and a full vacation day tomorrow. I'm really excited to learn about a new school! I've been looking forward to this for a while; even though many people seem to really not like going to interviews, I actually really enjoy the experience. It's fun to talk to people who are where I want to be. I like hearing them talk about the parts of being where they are that get them excited. I think I'll like participating in interviews once I'm a med student.
This is what I expect much of my drive to look like, aside from the "going around Chicago" part. Very relaxing.
So that's on my plate for today and tomorrow. I'm scheduling this post so that it will go out while I'm driving to Wisconsin. So, if you're reading this within four hours of the timestamp, I'm probably on the road! The next couple weeks will be a breeze of relaxation and good times. All I'll be doing is working, hanging out with my wife Nicole and chilling with friends.

I also look forward to being able to post a bit more, as I've got a few ideas jotted down for some cool med school-based postage. I expect to also enjoy watching some episodes of House (just got Season 7) while using my new bluetooth speakers (hooray for early Christmas present money getting spent on audiophile-quality soundage!). I firmly believe in spending Christmas gift money on stuff you'd love to have but would never splurge on for yourself. For me, this falls right in that category...

We saved up so that my wife can get a massage (or two or four) once her exams are over. It will be a great way for her to detox, letting the stress just melt away. What will I do to relax, you ask? I will probably alternate between running, watching TV, and playing an assortment of Halo & Portal II (XBOX); Starfall & Contre Jour (iPad 2); and Dr. Mario (SNES; best video game of them all, by the way).

Break is going to be great.


a said...

Best of luck with your interview! It's great that you enjoy the experience, it makes a huge difference during your interview. For example, I was a nervous wreck during my first one, and it showed. :)

Hope you like the school!

Jamie said...

Your break should also include:
Hanging out with Josh and Jamie!

Anonymous said...

Make sure you ask MS1's some things that they dont like about the school, I'm sure it'll give you some things to consider when making your final choice. Good luck with all the interviews!!

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