Friday, January 27, 2012

MCAT Question of the Day

This is my dog, Naiya. She looks smart, right? Right, if you're playing along with the stereotype that glasses = higher-than-average intelligence. Luckily Naiya's intelligence (my wife dubbed this photo "Collegiate Naiya") doesn't stop at her looks; she knows more than 50 words in BOTH English and Spanish. That's right - I trained her to do tons of tricks and recognize many objects and actions in both languages. This was done in part to spite the know-it-all dog trainer who told me to "never EVER teach your dog two words for the same thing because it would just confuse them," and partly because I just thought it would be awesome if my dog could learn two completely separate commands for the same thing.

Back to my original point: Naiya looks smart while also being smart, and she didn't get that way without practice. The same holds true of tens of thousands of premed students out there getting ready to take the MCAT. So, I thought I'd share a website for if you're preparing for the MCAT and want to not only appear smart, but actually be smart too: MCAT Question of the Day.

MCAT Question of the Day is true to its name. It gives you an original, well-thought-out question each day. It even allows you to have the day's question sent directly to your inbox - an especially helpful feature, as not every busy premed will remember to check a website each day for an update. Overall, it's a good habit to get into, as it provides some constancy to your studying and gives you a daily refresher into topics that you might not have seen in months or years, but which could prove very valuable once you're sitting in that musty testing center being remotely monitored via security camera as you solve projectile motion problems while sweat drips down your back and your neighbor's labored breathing patterns and muttered exclamations of "What is going ON...!?!" go unnoticed thanks to the damp foam plugs jammed into your ears...

So check out MCAT Question of the Day, and good luck studying!


Susan said...

Awesome, I really like this post!

XOXO Dr. Kay Elizabeth said...

Well I guess I am smart after all. I just went to the website and got the correct answer. I just kind of knew it although it not that tough of a question. Well anyway thanks for the confidence boost! :) I would post the answer here as proof but then it would ruin it for someone else. ;(

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