Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bike Spill and Breakfast Smashup

So, the other day I was taking my dog on an early morning run (me on my bike, her running alongside), and ended up taking quite a spill. I guess that's what happens when you go too fast on a moldy-green wooden walkway that was recently dampened by some nasty February rain. I and my bike were fine (slid maybe 10-15 feet), but the end result was a perfectly good pair of pants torn and stained to ruination, shamefully displaying my candy-cane boxers as shown below:
The best news is what came next. To cheer myself up, I decided to make a breakfast smashup of unparalleled proportions. After tossing my jeans in the washer on a soak cycle in the hopes that my wife would be able to sew shut the slit and salvage my slacks (see what I did there?), I pulled out some eggs, butter, sausage, and a previously-baked potato from the refrigerator and smashed them all together in a pan. The result was the savory clog-fest-for-your-arteries that you see here:
When I texted this picture to my wife (who has some great slow-cooker / crockpot recipes up on her most recent blog post, by the way; speaking from experience as to their deliciousness, I highly recommend them), she responded simply, "I'm going to miss you when you're gone..." Luckily, I don't do this often, otherwise that sentiment would ring much more ominous...

1 comment:

Susan said...

Yikes, that was quite the slide on your pants there! Glad you didn't get hurt. Did Naiya notice anything might have gone wrong on that bike ride?!?

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