Saturday, March 24, 2012

Present in the Mail!

So, the wife and I were gone all week taking pictures and traveling in Tennessee for spring break. When we got back this evening, lo and behold there was a present in the mail! A friend of mine from college who has since finished med school (and who read a recent post about getting a suture kit and starting to learn technique in preparation for med school / for the fun of it) decided to be awesome and send me the above package in the mail. Below is a breakdown of the contents:
Included in the package were two packs of chromic cat gut, five suture needles with attached thread, and six or seven pairs of sterile (not sterile anymore) latex gloves.
Apparently the sutures are not intended for skin, as I was instructed to use them on a sponge or thicker material when practicing:
Looking forward to trying this out. To the friend that sent me this, thanks a ton! To the rest of you that might know something about suturing, any tips? As for the sterile gloves, the wife is planning on teaching me "sterile glove technique," which as far as I can tell is just a fancy way of saying "putting gloves on without getting germs on them..."


Anonymous said...

Right above the picture of the needle is a picture head on of the needle. in this case, a taper needle. on your other needles it is a triangle called a reverse cutting needle. not that important to know, but does tell you the basics of what it is used for. reverse cutting for skin. taper for muscle or fascia. there is also a blut needle.......not really sure what thats used for.

and yes, sterile gloving is putting on gloves without getting germs on them, hahahahaha.....awesome way to put it

A said...

How is this working out for you? I am not the greatest or most adept person with my hands and will probably require extra practice before suturing in medical school. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Great blog btw.


Justin said...

@A - Thanks for the compliment! It has gone pretty well (I think), though it can be hard without someone to show me what I'm actually supposed to do with some of the newer techniques. I am normally pretty dextrous with stuff like tying knots in fishing line, so that isn't really what's caused me frustration. It's more just needing a good example of exactly how deep the stiches should be, or getting a good definition of how much thread to leave when tying off a stitch. Other issues are the time it takes to look up answers or find good youtube videos, as well as the uncertainty of knowing whether or not what I'm looking at is a trustworthy source of information. I'm looking forward to having a real person who can show me the technique and what I'm doing right or wrong...

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