Sunday, April 29, 2012

Corneal Keratitoldyousoitis

Black lines are Wife's eyelashes. Read below to find out what the green dots are...

It's yesterday, 8:00pm. I tell Wife that I am going to take 30-minute nap before continuing to study. Does she want to join me? Wife responds that she can't read her notes or see her computer screen well enough to study for her classes.

Before I continue, here's some background info:

Wife has been complaining for days about her blurry vision in one eye. For days, I have been telling her to make a doctor's appointment. For days, she has been putting it off, hoping her vision would magically improve. Instead, it has been getting progressively worse - and now she can no longer read.


I demand that Wife put her shoes on and ride in the car with me to Urgent Care, an place sort of in between a regular doctor's office and emergency room, open every day till 10:00pm.

We wait for 30 minutes in waiting room. Wife gets a room.

We wait for 30 minutes.

Wife gets interviewed, blood drawn.

We wait 40 minutes.

Wife gets interviewed twice more, vision examined. All she can read is a very hazy big E - nothing else. Awesome.

We wait for 90 minutes.

Wife gets eye numbed, lids examined.

We wait 30 minutes. Fluorescent dye is applied, and the slit lamp test is executed with a black light.

The doctor learns that wife will be a nurse and I will be a medical student in the fall; he offers to let me take a look through the scope. I ask if I can snap a photo through the scope lens with my phone; see the header photo above. Very cool.

Doc explains that all of the fluorescent dots are millions of pockmarks where the fluorescent dye has pooled. I'm looking at the surface of Wife's cornea, which should be perfectly smooth, with no green puddling of dye whatsoever. The bacterial infection most likely resulted from Wife wearing dry contacts for too many hours each day. Dry eyes --> lower resistance to infection --> infection --> inflammation --> corneal keratitis and impaired visual acuity. Doc scolds Wife for not coming in sooner, as she could have sustained permanent deformation of cornea if she had waited much longer.

Ohbytheway, corneal infection and inflammation increases risk of contracting tetanus, so Wife gets a tetanus shot just in case. No fun.

Exams start on Monday. Wife won't be able to study well. Wife gets doctor's note prohibiting her from taking exams until Wednesday at earliest. We are instructed to follow up with ophthalmologist Sunday if necessary, otherwise Monday. Industrial limitations = no driving for wife this week.

We head to Walgreens to fill prescription of drops and eye goop to go under the lids. 45 minutes later we're pulling through McDonald's drive-through to pick up food. 1:30am, we ravenously mash greasy delicious food into our mouths. 2:00am, we collapse into bed and I whisper to wife "Corneal Keratitoldyousoitis."

Good times.


Susan said...

Awhhhh, so sorry to read this. Get well soon wife, keep plugging away the both of you!

Susan said...

Just got your joke....preeeetty funny.

Allison said...

I'm so sorry! I hope she regains her vision. :(

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