Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crazy Brother Bikes 800 Miles to Send Kids to Camp

So, my younger brother Travis does some crazy stuff sometimes. A while back, he lived on the streets of Denver to show love to homeless people. Now he's cooking up something new, so it's time for a shameless plug! Check out the video here and his blog here. He does a better job of explaining than I could.

If you feel inclined to help him out with this, head on over to his donation page here. Good luck, Travis!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tigers' Stadium Interactive Panoramas

As promised, here are some interactive panoramas from today's game:

Detroit Tigers vs. Pittsburg Pirates

Today is the perfect day for a baseball game - 80 degrees for the high, sunny, and the Tigers are coming off the emotional high of almost having a no-hitter the other day. My company chartered a bus and gave use free tickets and food vouchers, so I decided to take my wife and dad. Cooler loaded + not having to drive the three hours = a great Saturday at the ballpark.

I'm currently on the bus, but check back later today for a 3D interactive panorama of the park!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MCAT Physics Cards and Wife is Healed!

For those of you waiting for my Jintus Study notecards for Physics, the wait is over!! Head on over here, or just go through My Store. That makes a net total of 1,255 digital MCAT notecards available online for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This is how I prepared for the MCAT after studying review books, and it worked great for me.

In other exciting news, Nicole (also frequently referred to as Wife) is healed! She just had her last eye doctor appointment, and her corneal keratitis is completely healed. She even has to official go-ahead to wear contacts again. Hooray! Bonus: no ophthalmologist visit would be complete without extreme pupil dilation, so I snagged this awesome pic to share with you all:

The above Wife has also made me happy recently by gifting me a new case for my iPhone that she made from SCRATCH. It matches the iPad case she made me a while back, so double-great right there:

Not pictured: iPhone 4S, as it's doing the photo-taking...

All in all, a pretty great day...

Diabetes Dilemma

Yesterday at work was a little more interesting than normal. For those of you that don't know, I work in Human Resources for a local company. A diabetic employee down on the manufacturing floor started feeling dizzy and cold/clammy. They brought him to me because the nurse had gone to the gas station for lunch and everyone there knows I'm going to med school this fall, so of course I must know everything already, right? Ha! I'm getting all geared up to tell them I'm clueless and that we should just call an ambulance when they describe the situation. All of a sudden, I kicked it into doctor mode because I actually know some about diabetes and yesterday I just got certified in first aid / CPR / AED training, so everything was really fresh. I was really hoping he wasn't about to go into I an insulin overdose-induced shock or something. I REALLY hoped he wasn't having a heart attack. However, I knew what do to if either was the case.

I asked if he had any chest, arm, or jaw pain or pressure (because I learned the other day that a heart attack can present with jaw pain more often in women, the elderly, and DIABETICS), but he said there was no pain or pressure anywhere. He said he felt normal now, just a little dizzy. I asked about his diabetes and found out that per his doctor's instructions, he regulates his blood sugar level with diet only, so no insulin injections. Sigh of relief! He had no clue why he was feeling ill, as he said he had eaten a good lunch with grilled chicken, greens, and fruit. After I prodded him about whether his diet today had been abnormal in any way, he remembered that he normally eats a bowl of sugary cereal before he leaves for work (around 3:00pm), but that he forgot to do so today. It turned out that it had been five hours since he had eaten anything. I made sure he got some juice and he was feeling better in a few minutes.

Even something this small felt so awesome to be able to do - and to have people depend on me to do - that it was another great confirmation that I am definitely going into the right field. By this time, the nurse had returned, and she confirmed that everything I had done was right. I can't imagine what it will feel like to do stuff like this (and stuff far, far more significant than this) on a regular basis...

Friday, May 11, 2012

MSU CHM Campus Placement - Grand Rapids

The verdict is in: I have officially received my preference for placement at the Grand Rapids preclinical campus of MSU CHM! This is exactly what I hoped for, and it is exactly what I needed for my personal life. My wife will be staying in West Michigan to finish her nursing education, and most of my family and friends are from the area as well. That, and I feel like the GR campus is a better fit for me and my lifestyle in general.

Unfortunately, this moment comes as a little bittersweet. One of my good friends made during premed classes Hope didn't get the Grand Rapids placement like they (and I!) had hoped. Despite having strong ties to the area, and also already having a strong support group of friends who have been accepted to the GR campus (several of us friends from undergrad were hoping to be med students together...), my friend was placed in the Lansing campus. While the Lansing campus is a great place and I'm sure is the right place for a lot of people, Grand Rapids would have been the right place for my friend. Their significant other is from the west Michigan area, and will not be able to relocate to Lansing.

And so, the moment of exultation is a bit tarnished by having some hopes dashed in the same moment that some are fulfilled. There is still the possibility of a position opening up for my friend on the waitlist, so we will see how that goes...
Image credit: John Eisenschenk / Creative Commons

Monday, May 7, 2012

Changing Specialties and Physics Notecards

The other day someone asked a question that I am not really sure how to answer. The question was, after a doctor chooses a specialty and finishes a residency, 1) how often do they change their mind and pursue a different specialty, and 2) how easy/difficult is this to do? A follow-up was asked - how often do doctors change specialties after working in a specialty for a number of years?

Since I'm not yet to the point of having much experience or interaction with professionals in these situations, I wasn't sure of the answer. Instead of trolling the Internet rumor mills for second-hand guesses on the topic, I thought it would be a good chance to pose the question to some of my readers who might be a bit more up on that end of things. Thoughts? Feel free to respond via comment on this post, or on the Contact Me section if you're feeling more inclined to privacy...

For those of you waiting for more info on my MCAT digital notecards, I am currently working on getting the Physics cards bundled and online. Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Homemade Arnold Palmer

I love the Arizona iced teas, specifically the Arnold Palmers. I also tend toward cheapness when it come to the small things. I'll scrimp and save for months on the daily pleasures of life, then splurge to get something I think is worthwhile, like an iPad or car insurance.

Enter the new method of scrimping: homemade Arnold Palmer. Thanks to 10 teabags of Meijer Classic Black, 1 packet of Mixade zero calorie lemonade, an old Arnold Palmer 1-gal container, a teapot, and four quarts of water, I'm well in my way to saving almost $2.00. Look out, world - it's a doozy of a Sunday night up in here... Now I'm off to read a book!

Let's hear it for the summer before med school, ladies and gents!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Screenshots and Inorganic Chemistry!

Hooray - my Inorganic Chemistry note cards have been added to the store! I have also put up some screenshots of the cards that I used to study for the MCAT. Hopefully this will give you a better idea of what it's like to actually use the Mental Case software and my Jintus Study cards.

Costa Rican Coffee

There's not much I like more in the morning than a fresh pot of recently roasted fair trade coffee. Today, it's Costa Rica's "Bajo Canet de Tarrazu," and it is amazing... Just the thing to help me focus as I work on getting the rest of my notecards up on the store...

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