Friday, May 11, 2012

MSU CHM Campus Placement - Grand Rapids

The verdict is in: I have officially received my preference for placement at the Grand Rapids preclinical campus of MSU CHM! This is exactly what I hoped for, and it is exactly what I needed for my personal life. My wife will be staying in West Michigan to finish her nursing education, and most of my family and friends are from the area as well. That, and I feel like the GR campus is a better fit for me and my lifestyle in general.

Unfortunately, this moment comes as a little bittersweet. One of my good friends made during premed classes Hope didn't get the Grand Rapids placement like they (and I!) had hoped. Despite having strong ties to the area, and also already having a strong support group of friends who have been accepted to the GR campus (several of us friends from undergrad were hoping to be med students together...), my friend was placed in the Lansing campus. While the Lansing campus is a great place and I'm sure is the right place for a lot of people, Grand Rapids would have been the right place for my friend. Their significant other is from the west Michigan area, and will not be able to relocate to Lansing.

And so, the moment of exultation is a bit tarnished by having some hopes dashed in the same moment that some are fulfilled. There is still the possibility of a position opening up for my friend on the waitlist, so we will see how that goes...
Image credit: John Eisenschenk / Creative Commons


elisabeth said...

Congrats!!! I love GR! I'm glad you will be closer to your wife.. and the nearby support system is definitely much needed.

I really hope that your friend is able to switch their placement. Lots of prayers for him!

Allison said...

Congratulations on the Grand Rapids placement! I am sorry to hear about your friend though. Even though he's on the waitlist, is there any way he could contact the administration? It's hard to be separated from your significant other, especially in med school. :/ Best of luck to your friend! And congrats again :) I hope your wife is doing better regarding her vision!

Justin said...

@Elisabeth - Thanks so much! We love GR too, and I can't WAIT to get started.

@Allison - Thank you! I think my friend is probably going to go on the alternate list, but the tough part is that most people on the alternate list won't end up getting a spot in GR, and my friend really wants to start setting up a housing situation in EL if a spot in GR isn't likely. The earliest they will know anything new is a month from now, which is tough, as that is the earliest that MSU releases any info on waitlist opportunities... Time for another waiting game, I guess. Oh! And my wife's eyesight is almost all the way back to normal! No contact wearing for a while, but that's ok. Hooray for no permanent damage to retinas!!!

Susan said...

Huge congratulations on your placement! You must be so geeked! I too am sorry for your friend. Will pray she gets a new opportunity to go to the Grand Rapids campus. Congrats again. So excited for you!

Allison said...

I'm glad to hear your wife is doing better! Vision is a scary thing to lost =/

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