Friday, June 1, 2012

Fourth Honeymoon - The Leather Year

In continuation of previous tradition (though this time there was a welcome absence of bloody walls) we recently celebrated our fourth honeymoon, a.k.a. our third wedding anniversary. The traditional gift on the third anniversary is leather, and we get a kick out of attempting to follow these traditions.

This year, I decided to take Wife on a visit to the outlet store of one of her favorite purse brands. If you're a guy like me, you've never heard of it. If you're a girl, you probably have - Kate Spade? Yeah. Kate Spade. Crazy expensive purses - unless you got married over and celebrate your anniversary on Memorial Day weekend. For some reason, this is like the retail stores' discount holiday. Enter the 60% discount, and a sigh of relief.

But wait. First I have to back up and explain the above photo. I took a vacation day the Friday before our retail honeymoon, and we went to Oval Beach in Saugatuk, Michigan. This is one of the prettiest, cleanest beaches on Michigan's west coast. The above pic is Wife doing her best Vanna White impression. I loved it. I couldn't follow that up with any beach pictures. It's just not fair to be beach, expecting it to follow THAT level of gorgeous radiance. Yes, I'm sucking up, but no, I'm not lying.

Saturday, we struck out early and made the six-hour drive to southeast Ohio. I was intent on making this trip as much about Wife as possible, so I indulged her and let her sleep a large chunk of the trip. After all, Ohio is FLAT, and about the only interesting thing along the drive is the fields and fields of wind farms. Once we arrived, I learned what Wife had forgotten to tell me - that we weren't heading to just one Kate Spade outlet store. Oh, no. That would have been silly. We were headed to an entire outdoor outlet MALL. That's right - a whole mall of outlet stores. Below is pic of one of the map signs:
Luckily for me, we were only there for about 3.5 hours. Even more luckily for me, this was when Wife decided to unveil a combination birthday and anniversary gift for me! You see, amidst all the J. Crew, Kate Spade, and Banana Republic, there was also a Bose Outlet! Hahaaa! I got my first ever pair of Bose headphones - the Bose QuietComfort 15 set. The ear cups are leather, so it even fit the tradition. That, and she also got me a case for the laptop that I'll be getting later on in preparation for medical school. Shortly and sweetly, these headphones are AMAZING. You can't understand without trying them, so I won't even attempt a description. She decided the noise canceling feature would be perfect for med school, especially as I will be moving into my in-laws' basement for the first two semesters. They have small children whom I love very much, but whose loud thumping noises on the wood floors overhead I may come to despise... If I could hear them. Now I won't!

After that, we hit up IKEA, as there was one just a mile away from out hotel! That was by design, and it was actually a bit (an HOUR) out of our way, but it was worth it. We scoped out the joint on Saturday evening, went to Applebee's for a classy, classy dinner, then charged the IKEA gates full force on Sunday morning. We left with all sorts of goodies - a new chair, a rug, some dishes, some lamps, bamboo plants, and tons of other things I'm going to need once I move. IKEA is an amazing place. As we checked out, we made bets with each other about how much the final price would be. On the Price Is Right, we both would have lost, as I was $100 over and Wife was $150 too high. Regardless, I was pleasantly surprised.

When we checked out of the hotel, they apologized for the fact that our air conditioning had been out for several hours the previous night. Wife never noticed, and after they had delivered a fan to our room, I wasn't very bothered. That, and the fact that it had kicked on sometime during the night so our room was perfectly comfortable in the morning. Regardless, they wanted to do what they could to make things right, so they offered us a 50% discount. Great! If you're ever staying in West Chester, Ohio, Staybridge Suites is the place to go.

After another long drive on Sunday afternoon, we got back safe and sound. I've been too busy (if busy = lazy) to put up a post until now. We've been to the beach a couple more times, though today (June 1st!) has been colder than any day in May. Crazy weather...

This is getting long. I'm out, much like the person who crawled from beneath the below SUV after an accident by our apartment a couple days ago:
Don't worry. Amazingly enough, everyone was perfectly fine and walked away with only minor scrapes and bruises.

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Susan said...

Congrats on a well planned anniversary celebration and kuddos to you, too, on making all about "wife"...and then she turned it around and surprised you as well. WONDERFUL!

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