Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fun Day, Productivity, Avocado

Yesterday was a fun day. I went on a 3.5 mile run in 90+ degree weather, then rode my bike slowly while Naiya ran beside me. We hit the lake (VERY full of algae and nasty growths) then the chlorinated fountain/pool in front of a bank (to kill all the algae and nasty growth she had no doubt picked up). I finished the day out by being very productive at home, cleaning and straightening up around the apartment.

I also set up a wireless solution so that Wife and I can do all of our filing electronically. Using Genius Scan + on our phones, we can just scan in all of our bills, receipts, pay stubs, etc. and upload them to the shared "File Cabinet" folder I set up on Dropbox. Every time one of us uploads a document in this way using our phones, it immediately gets pushed through to a shared folder on both of our laptops and is instantly viewable on each of our cell phones. This way, when I'm off at med school (orientation starts in FOUR WEEKS!) we can stay up to date on stuff. Since I'm the one that is in charge of managing the budget and paying the bills, I will be able to continue doing so even when I'm not home. When a bill comes, Wife will scan it with her phone and upload it, I will receive an automatic notification to view it on my computer, and I'll pay it online. Easy peasy.

Speaking of wirelessly synchronized and shared Dropbox folders, the students in the class of 2015 (the year ahead of me) have set up something amazing. They've created a shared folder with all of the study guides, coursepacks, cheat sheets, outlines, and academic wizardry that they created in the past year and uploaded it into a shared Dropbox folder. They then shared this folder with all of the members of my class, the class of 2016. At a stroke, I've been able to download essentially all of the resources I could possibly need to succeed this year. Granted, I will for sure be creating some of my own materials, as a big part of the learning process (for me) is pulling it all together in my own way, but this makes it infinitely easier to get the information in the first place. It also gives me a lot to review to make sure I haven't left anything out of my own materials.

It's just one more affirmation that I've chosen the right place for me. MSU CHM is a place where willing, eager, selfless collaboration is the norm rather than the exception, and that excites me! I can't wait to get to know my fellow students during orientation week a month from now. It's going to be awesome. Know what else is awesome? I'm growing an avocado tree. That's right! I thought it'd be cool to try, so three days ago I looked up how to do it, and I'm doing it! Here's the Week 1 shot, showing the shell begin to split (top view), but no roots yet (bottom view):

I'll end this post with a whopping CONGRATULATIONS to my friends Josh and Jamie, who just yesterday gave birth to a healthy baby boy - Jonah Miles Knap
Hurray for procreation!


Dan Oram said...

Hey Justin, I've enjoyed taking a look at your blog - I'm a CHM incoming student at the GR campus as well. Was that shot of your dog swimming off of Collins park on Reed's lake? Enjoy the last couple weeks of summer - see you at school! -Dan Oram

Justin said...

@Dan Oram - Hey, thanks a lot! Glad you've enjoyed it. Actually, that's my dog swimming in Lake Macatawa. I know, not the most sanitary of lakes, but I think dogs' immune systems are exceptionally strong, so I let her have a go at it. Enjoy your summer as well - looking forward to meeting you!

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