Sunday, July 15, 2012

Is This Weird?

Like all dogs, my dog Naiya (see above glamour shot) likes to get petted (pet? pet.) behind the ears, on the ears, around the ears - pretty much anywhere involving (and not involving, for that matter) her ears. Interestingly, this also includes inside her ears. That's right - she LOVES it when a person sticks a finger right down deep (but not too deep...) inside her ear and wiggles it around a bunch.

We keep Naiya clean, but there's always some amount of brown waxy buildup that collects in there. It also inevitably gathers in (sometimes) thick layers on the tip of that scratching finger. And apparently, it's delicious.

At the end of a particularly thorough scratching, the first thing Naiya does is whip her head around to get at all that waxy goodness on the tip of my finger. That's right - she loves to eat her own ear wax. I've never really thought anything of this exchange. I know she loves getting scratched in the ear because of how her eyelids kind of flutter and she tips her head and leans into the scratching. I also know that I don't like having a messy finger when things are over, so I don't mind that she seems so eager to clean my finger off. In my mind, it has always been a win-win.

The first time Wife saw me me scratching Naiya's ear, she laughed at how much Naiya seemed to like it. Her mirth quickly drained away, replaced by utter revulsion as she watched Naiya clean my fingertip. Here is how that interaction went:


Wife: "EEEWWW!!! THAT is disgusting. How can you let her do that?!?"

Me: "I dunno, I guess I've just always done it. She seems to like it - and look! Now my finger's clean."

Wife (shuddering): "I don't care if she likes it. That is really disturbing. You need to stop."

Me: "Really? It doesn't seem so weird to me..."

Wife: "Seriously. It's weird."


So I ask you - is this weird?


Bekah said...

Yes, yes it is.


Jill said...

It's not as weird as a guy my husband works with. Everybody calls him "head salad." That's because he's always picking stuff out of his ears, mouth, and nose AND EATING IT! When my husband told me I thought he was kidding, but he says this guy has had this name for years and years, and is STILL EATING IT ALL. Revolting!

Justin said...

@Bekah - I'm sure Nicole will be glad to hear you're siding with her... :)

@Jill - Now THAT is disgusting. I'm definitely not the one eating the wax... I like the nickname though, hahaha. Do they call him Head Salad to his face, and if so is he actually proud of the nickname? Also, Nicole would like to know if he's married. :)

Susan said...

It's horribly yucky! She's a dog, an incredibly cute and sweet dog, but a need to protect her from doing that! And that salad head guy is creepy....

Anonymous said...

My initial reaction was yes, that's weird! But my dog eats other dogs' poop, so I really can't say it's weird...

Sam P. said...

The best part about this post is that I can picture exactly how that conversation typed out at the end went. I am laughing sooooo hard right now!

Justin said...

@Susan - Agreed. Salad Head = Very Creepy.

@ahyesplans - Naiya used to eat other dogs' poop too, but she grew out of it... Hopefully yours will as well?

@Sam P. - Awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

That's sick. Also, your finger is not clean because a dog licked it off.

Justin said...

@iampart - Not clean in the sense of being sterile, but clean in the sense that there is no more ear wax on my finger, perhaps... But thanks for your input, haha. :)

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