Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Muck-Muck and Family Time

I've been working through the paperwork and digital muck-muck required for pre-matriculation. This includes making sure all my vaccinations are in order (and documented!), getting a TB test (hooray, I'm not infected and I can prove it now!), ordering a white coat (with the proper measurements. I pretty much had to order the skinniest, longest one possible...), getting an Amazon Prime membership (I've been told by numerous unrelated sources that this is one of the most valuable resources to a med student. Hooray three-day free shipping on any size order!), and filling out a million different forms and registrations, include Basic Life Support. Woohoo, my first for-healthcare-providers hands-on medical training! I know it really will be just the basics, but I'm looking forward to it anyway.

I've also signed up to take the waiver exam for Biochemistry. Basically, they don't want people taking the class that don't have to, so they give you a chance to take a 2-hour waiver exam. If you get better than a 75% on this FREE exam, you automatically pass the class, no questions asked. Worst case scenario, you take the class, which you'd be doing anyway. Thanks to Bekah for some great advice!

Amidst all of this, Wife and I have been getting a lot of quality time. I've also been able to have an appropriate amount of "alone time," which makes me appreciate the Wife time that much more. When it comes up in conversations with others that we're spending a lot more time together now than normally, a variation inevitably comes up of the phrase, "That's good - getting enough time with each other before the semester starts." Let me clarify. There will never be "enough" time together to sufficiently prepare me for the semester. It's really about cramming as much quality time in as possible, period. I know the second my head hits the pillow on our first night apart, I'm going to miss her. Hopefully the memories we're making now will serve to make our time apart easier, not harder.

And that's where my only real worry comes into play - that all of this quality time and relaxation might work against me instead of for me. I mean, if we go from having all of this awesome time together to absolutely nothing - not even sleeping in the same bed most nights - how hard will THAT be? Combine that with going from a barebones, I-can-sleep-till-eleven-am-then-go-to-the-beach-then-take-a-nap-then-watch-four-straight-episodes-of-24 schedule directly to 19 (I think?) credit hours, homework, papers, and ungodly study hours, and you've got an incredibly rough transition. Ideally, all this time off will just make me rested and better prepared for the transition, but there's a possibility that it will simply make the transition that much harsher and more abrupt. Here's hoping for the former...

In other news, the FDA has approved a new weight-loss drug that is a phentermine-topiramate combo. It's called Qysmia, and it joins the weight-loss drug ranks with Lorcaserin as the only weight-loss drugs to be approved by the FDA since 1999. Read more here.


Arizona Medigap said...

very nice blog, i will share this.

elisabeth said...

Ahh, sounds like my life the past couple months as well. Lots of "muck-muck" here, too!

As for quality time with the spouse, we have been doing the same. Although we won't be living separate, it will definitely still be challenging to have to ration our time together.

I love the new look of your blog.. and can't wait to continue reading about your experience at MSUCHM! Best of luck to you!!

Justin said...

@Elisabeth - Thanks so much! I'm trying to get everything with the blog completely squared away so that all I have to do if I can find any spare time this semester is write - no layout, formatting, programming issues to worry about.

Good job getting in some quality time with your spouse! I know that's what I'm going to be missing the most these next two semesters... Good luck to you as well, and thanks for reading!

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