Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blue Fingers and Healthy Eating

No, the two nouns in the title of this post aren't technically related in any cause-and-effect sort of way. Well, at least not one that I know of. No, they're simply two things that I experienced today.

First, the blue fingers:

Okay, so maybe they're a bit more "teal" than blue, but the point is I look like something off of this movie - or maybe that one. Why are my fingers blue? Because Wife asked me to paint this for her today:

Please note the relative elevation of Wife's feet. Awesome. The Hulk is a big beast.
"Wait," you might say. "You probably used spray paint, so why did you paint your fingers so much if you're just spraying a table?" If this is you, then you're just like Wife, as that's what she asked when she came home today. You see, I dismantled the table to paint each part without painting over the hardware holding it together from below. That meant holding some of the smaller parts. "Wait again though!" you might also say. "Why aren't your fingernails blue if the rest of your fingers got painted?" Well, they were... Until I got my pocketknife out while watching an episode of 24. Let's just say, I had some meticulous (and, thankfully, coordinated) fun cleaning the nails off. Alas, I have no paint thinner, so I'll just have to shed paint as my cells slough off over the next week.

After that, I was famished, and I felt like doing it the right way, so I made myself this meal:

I think I made wife proud. What you see are 1.5 ham sandwiches (there was one slice of bread left in the bag - and I do NOT believe in leaving just one slice of bread. I'll eat it plain if I have to.), cherries, a jumbo carrot, and blueberries. To top it all off, I washed it down with a DIET Mountain Dew! Look at me go!

Life is awesome the way it is, but pretty soon it'll be changing in big ways. A week from tonight, I'll be sleeping in Grand Rapids. I don't know that I'll ever be ready to leave Wife and Pupper, but I must say that I am excited for the next chapter of my transformation to begin.

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