Saturday, August 25, 2012

MSU CHM Orientation Day 6: Fun and Surprise!

Day 5 was a great ending to orientation week. I started it off by running 7 miles with a friend, then by getting involved as an Admissions Ambassador. That means that this year, I'll be helping out with the admissions process by interviewing applicants, sitting on student Q&A panels, having lunch and speaking with applicants on interview days, or whatever in-between gaps the CHM Office of Admissions would like me to fill. It's going to be so much fun being in this role!

After the admissions ambassador orientation, we sat through a seminar on the student health insurance through Aetna (I still haven't gotten my cards yet... Apparently there's a student file information error on Aetna's end... I'm waiting to hear back from them.) before loading up the buses and shipping out to East Lansing for the Big Sib / Little Sib mixer (where everyone who signed up for the Sibling program could meet each other) and the Student Organizations' Fair. My sib (who is a second-year CHM student, is my cousin's wife, and write a blog here) is pretty awesome. I've known her for years, and she has been a great help so far this year as my Big Sib.

The Student Organizations' Fair was pretty great. I signed up to be a member of the AMA (American Medical Association), and got the Netter's Anatomy Flashcards in the deal. I figure they'll come in handy this semester, given that everyone has been absolutely freaking out about how difficult Gross Anatomy is going to be. I'm sure they're right, but hopefully tools like this will help make it a manageable difficulty... Along with the flashcards, I also got this nifty Michigan State Medical Society pin:

I also signed up for the Surgery and Emergency Medicine Special Interest Groups (SIGs). As I've probably told a bazillion people this week (one of the most standard questions you'll ask (or be asked) as an M1 during orientation week is, "So what area of medicine are you interested in?"), I'm interested in both Emergency Medicine and Surgery. Nope, I don't know what area of surgery I might want to end up in if I were to go down that road. I might also find something in the next two years that I like better than either of these options. Until that happens, I'm going to do everything I can to experience and learn more about these two specialties. Hence, my joining of the two SIGs. On Tuesday of this week, there's a free lunch and speaker series by the Surgery group. Looking forward to it!

The Organizations' Fair was a blast, but it was over pretty quickly. I headed back to Grand Rapids, only to be surprised at the entrance to the med school by Wife, Big Brother, and Dad! It was completely unexpected, as Big Brother lives in Maryland and hasn't been back to Michigan in three years. I also just spoke to him about a month ago, and he reluctantly informed me that he probably wouldn't be able to to make it back in the next year. On top of that, Wife had been feeding me texts all day about how we would probably not have much phone time this evening, as she was going to be hanging out with friends... She's sneaky - that she is... I found out later that they had been planning it for a month!

It was a lot of fun, and we all went out to eat for a last hurrah before med school kicks it into gear this week. Tomorrow is the official "White Coat Ceremony," which should be pretty cool. Big Brother is a wedding photographer in his spare time, and he brought all his gear to photograph the event. My mother-in-law also has a keen eye for photos, so between the two of them I will probably have the best photos of anyone to remember the event! Wife and I will be going out to lunch with her side of the family beforehand, and then out with my mom, stepdad, and friends afterward. Definitely going to be a big day!

Today will be spent hanging out with Wife back in Holland before shooting back over to Grand Rapids tomorrow morning... Wish me luck!

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Susan said...

Awesome, Justin! Tomorrow's the BIG day! Everyone is so excited for you!

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