Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MSU CHM T-Shirt Contest

The Student National Medical Association (SNMA) at my school (Michigan State University College of Human Medicine (MSU CHM)) is having a T-Shirt Design Contest for the shirt that they'll sell at different events. I have decided to enter, and just submitted three different designs. What's your favorite? Think I've got a shot?

Design #1:

Design #2:

Design #3:

The quality is much higher with the original files I created, but CustomInk.com doesn't give the most high-resolution previews. In case you're curious, all the artwork was done on my iPad 2 using Sketchbook Pro, one of the best drawing apps you'll find. At $1.99, it was a steal. I only had to resort to Photoshop on my computer once, and that was to skew the stethoscope and put it behind the Spartan mascot.

I'm not sure when the winner will be announced. The stakes aren't incredibly high - the winner gets a $25 Starbucks card - but I would've done it just for the fun of designing the shirts, so I'm not complaining. Cross your fingers for me! Or, and the Germans would say, "Drucken die Daumen!" (Translation: Push the thumbs!)


Joshua said...

I like Design #1

NoLongerSilent said...

Design #1 is pretty cool. Good job and good luck!

elisabeth said...

That is AMAZING! I love the first design, second design is the runner up. I just love Sparty so it's cool that he's on the front and back of the shirt!

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