Friday, August 3, 2012

One More Week at Home

I have a week left before I move to Grand Rapids to start gearing up for med school. A bunch of stuff needs to be done - getting the rest of my stuff moved, getting to know my way around the city a little better, and studying up a bit for the Biochemistry waiver exam. It's a little surreal, thinking that this summer is almost over, and I'm about to start one of the toughest things of my life so far.

The past couple days have probably been the most low-key days of the whole summer. I've done a lot of lazing about. I've gone to see TWO movies at the theater - The Amazing Spiderman and the new Total Recall. That's twice as many as I've seen in the entire past year. Why did I do this? Because when you have the time to go to a movie during the day on a weekday, they only charge you $4.50. Today, I went in style. I grabbed some gas-station Chinese food and smuggled it inside my backpack along with a can of Diet Mountain Dew. There's no way I was going to pay the $15.75+tx they charge for two hot dogs and a soda. No. Way.

Wife has been the complete opposite of me, burning through list after list of task, grocery shopping, work, research, baby shower preparations - for a friend. Don't go getting any ideas. Crosses fingers. She's even taken the time to make about a million frozen meals for me to put in this little puppy big guy:

Thanks to my mom and step-dad for this one!
That's right! I'm going to have tons of healthy, microwaveable meals made by my awesome Wife. If you've noticed, I haven't been linking to her blog lately. That's because she's in the process of making a new one. The old one's style and feel didn't turn out to be very lasting. The new one is looking pretty sweet though, in a very extroverted utilitarian sort of way. Cool. I'll share once it's up.

We also got a new couch, which I've been spending a bunch of time on. We LOVE IT. We waited six weeks for the The Hulk to arrive, so it's good that we're happy with it. It's called The Hulk because it's green and gigantic. I'm 6'2" tall, and I can lie on it without having either my feet or my head touch an armrest. The whole thing is something around 104" long. That's eight feet, eight inches of couch PLUS an ottoman. Without further ado, I give you The Hulk:

I've found that I have much to be thankful for in my med school class, before we've even begun. Everyone I've met through the Facebook page seems incredibly nice and down-to-earth. There might be some stuck-ups or snobs in the class, but they have yet to surface :). I'm happy for this, because apparently a med school class this awesome isn't always the case.

So here's hoping for a great last week at home before moving to a new(ish) city and the start of med school! I'm aiming to hang out with friends, spend time with some family, possibly see one more movie (The Dark Knight Rises), and perhaps another once it comes out (The Bourne Legacy). Yeah, I'm on a movie kick - mostly because I'm thinking that after August 27th (the official first day of class!) I doubt I'll be in a theater till next summer... Oh, and I'll also be running a goodly amount in the coming days. Barefoot training (well, in Vibrams...) is going well - just hit the 6 mile mark the other day. Huzzah!


Susan said...

Great news about you're med school class! That's awesome plus loving how you are taking this chance to relax some...storing it up for later in a way! Wife looks pretty comfortable on The Hulk. She can
Most sit on the seat part almost completely with her full leg resting on the cushion! And finally one you're able to fit easily on! Nice job saving.

Anonymous said...

That couch is AMAZING! Definitely larger than my red couch, so I'm glad you guys bought that beforehand :) And I'm honored you linked to my post, I do hope you have an amazing class!

Anonymous said...

Aw, c'mon! Biochem is fun! Much more fun (to me) than inorganic chem. Tricia

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