Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Med School Exam Tomorrow

Tomorrow Morning at 8:00am I'll be sitting down to take my first med school exam - this one in Cell Biology and Physiology. These past two weeks have absolutely flown by, a perception aided in absolutely no small part by the breakneck pace at which the lectures learning occurs. Hopefully, I will actually be sitting down before 8:00am, as MSU CHM is instituting a new exam policy whereby they close the doors to the testing room promptly at 8:00am. If you get there thirty seconds late, you fail the exam - unless you have a valid excuse as to why you're late. And no - having your watch be three minutes slow is not considered a valid excuse, as they no longer recognize the times shown on watches. They only go off of cell phone clocks now, so they might let you in if your cell phone shows you as being on time.

Tomorrow's exam isn't supposed to be insanely difficult. That status is being reserved for the two Anatomy exams (lecture and lab) being held a week from tomorrow. And possibly for the Biochemistry exam this coming Friday. That's right - technically we have four exams in the next week. Granted, Anatomy is only one subject, but from what I hear the lab exams are sufficiently different enough in style and content that they might as well be considered as for a completely separate class.

Anyway, yesterday was Wife's birthday (she's now 24 years old!), so she came to Grand Rapids and we spent some time together, studying for ~8 hours, then hitting up Bonefish Grill. VERY tasty, though not the cheapest option on the menu. Suffice it to say, we each got an appetizer and bounced. This morning we tried out a church near downtown GR (Ada Bible Church), which turned out to be pretty cool. It was a little different, as randomly today happened to be the very first day that service was being held at the building we went to. They just finished building it, so the service was a little non-standard. Anyway, Wife is now on her way back home, and I'm getting cozy with a study room on the third floor of the Secchia Center.

The plan for the afternoon is to brush up on Physiology stuff (I'm still a little blurry on some of the most recent Embriology that got vommed all over us in impressive shock-and-awe fashion in the last lecture), then attempt to get caught up with Anatomy. I feel good about Physiology, as yesterday I took a practice exam before studying to figure out my weak areas and managed to pass it, so the outlook is good for tomorrow's test. And so I ask myself - ready to buckle down? Absolutely.


Jill said...

Hope they all go well for you.

Justin said...

Thanks very much, Jill!

Susan said...

Be paying for you and your prep on all those exams! I'm sure you'll do well! Start of week three-wow!!

Kiyonari Noguchi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Justin said...

@Kiyonari - Thanks! Good luck with all the premed work. Let me know if you have any questions I might be able to answer!

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