Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gotta Love Technology - Mediasite Down

Technology can either make or break a situation.

Case in point: I attended my attendance-optional lectures (you can stream them live online or watch them later on as you wish) this morning as I have been faithfully doing all semester. Until today, I've just been making notes whenever the lecture went too fast so that I could go back through the lecture online (where it gets posted for streaming later on) and review the parts that were a bit fuzzy.

In today's Anatomy lecture, it came to a point where I was writing "Watch Again!" on almost every slide. The lecturer was just reading the notes off the bottom of each slide (which we get in our coursepacks) and offering little to no explanation of said notes other than rapidly circling different areas of cardiac lymphatics along the way. I decided it would be more productive to leave and catch up on some studying from yesterday's material while the lecture finished, then come back to it when it was online and pauseable / double-speedable (sometimes other students ask questions that, while they might be interesting, have nothing to do with what we need to be learning right now...).

When I went to access the lecture online, what did I find? This:

I called the Mediasite tech support, and the phone rang 21 times before I hung up. I then called the IT department for MSU CHM, and they said the Mediasite people probably weren't answering because their server is down - but that it "should be up soon." When I asked what "soon" meant (as in, five minutes, or two hours?), she said it should be up in the next five minutes. It is now about ten minutes later and I'm still enjoying the pretty grey-and-white text box featured above.

Technology is currently breaking this situation. Normally, Mediasite streaming of lectures is awesome. Regrettably, today isn't normally... On the plus side, I had time to write this post because I couldn't do what I really needed to, so... That's cool. I guess.


Sam said...

Ha, yeah there's always fist clenching when streaming doesn't work ontime here too

Allison said...

oh no! hope it came back up for you! yesterday, the lecturer went over on time and still had 2 slides to get through but the video had stopped recording... fail...

Anonymous said...

It's anatomy. The body parts will still be there when it comes back up.

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