Monday, September 3, 2012

Studying on Labor Day

That's right - it's a holiday that many people in the U.S. get off, but not med students. I guess it's good practice for when we're doctors someday, as hospitals don't exactly get to close, but still. Two quizzes tomorrow - one in Anatomy and one in Biochemistry. No clue how they're going to go. I've crammed so much knowledge into my head in the past week, it's impossible to know what they're going to pick for such a short quiz...

Luckily, I got a solid 8.5 hours of sleep last night, and the thermos in the above photo is stocked with home-roasted coffee goodness. I'll probably put in a solid 8-10 hours today before calling it quits. Already finished my Histology prelab (due Thursday at noon), and I plan on getting a jumpstart on the online Physiology homework set (also due Thursday) when it opens up tonight at 6pm.

This past weekend was a TON of fun. I rode the train from Grand Rapids to Holland on Saturday morning, then went back to bed there for 4.5 hours and woke up at 1:30pm. Apparently, I was carrying a significant sleep deficit. So, I studied till 8pm and took the rest of the night off to celebrate Wife's birthday! If you clicked on that link, you'll notice that Wife FINALLY has a new blog going! So, if you want to follow our lives at the same time, you should keep up with hers as well. It should be interesting as we attempt to live life somewhat separately for the next two semesters. I think her design and title, "Tiny Wife Big Life," are very cool. VERY cool. That might have something to do with me drawing up the design on my iPad... Maybe a little.

All right, time to get back to learning about things like accompanying veins (venae comitantes), arteriovenular anastomoses, diaphragmatic foramina, venous layers (tunica adventitia, media, and intima), and the like. Wish me luck on my first quizzes!


NoLongerSilent said...

Good luck!!! You'll do just fine. It seems like you have or are developing some good time management skills. I too have a quiz tomorrow in Biochem with some other minor assignments due.

Well, I should probably follow your suit and go study myself. Good faith on your test.


cynthia said...

Hi! I am a 3rd year student at CHM, and I just found your blog. I also married, hablo Espanol porque naci en Ecuador, and have a dog. Your blog brought back to me so many memories of those first days of med school! ☺ Some weeks that semester felt like an eternity, other weeks I had no sense of time or date…haha, but in the end, time goes by really fast so have fun in the process. I just found my old biochem quizzes and they seem quite easy. Mi humilde consejo, study hard for your first exam, it will be the easiest, unlike your first Anatomy exam, which will probably be the hardest. Biochem goes really fast after your first exam so you want to get as many points as possible in the beginning ☺ All your effort will pay off and you will do great! Good luck with everything!


Justin said...

@V - Thanks very much! Hope the studying goes well.

@Cynthia - Hola, y gracias por leer mi blog. Y gracias por sus consejos humildes :) Eso de los exámenes es lo que me dijeron los otros estudiantes con quienes he hablado - que el primer examen de bioquímica es lo más fácil, y por eso muchos de los estudiantes no se preparen suficientemente, y pierden puntos que deberían haber ganado. Lo difícil para mi es averiguar cuánto debo estudiar de anatomía, y cuánto de las otras clases... Si por casualidad lees mi respuesta tengo una pregunta para ti - ¿Qué es tu cosa favorita del tercer año? Ya sé que solamente has pasado unas varias semanas del tercer año a este punto, pero si tienes una opinión, me interesa... :)

Susan said...

You're doing great! Studying hard for sure! Nice encouragements and advice from those who are and who have been there!

Kylie Buchanan said...

Hey what App do you use for your note taking on your ipad?

Justin said...

@Susan - Thanks very much! I really appreciate such great encouragement.

@Kylie - I use Notes Plus. I've tried them all and it is by FAR the best.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan! When things get crazy, just remember the tortoise and the hare and keep plodding through. You will do great. How is your wife's eye problem, by the way?

Justin said...

@Tricia - thanks for commenting, the encouragement, and asking about Wife! She is doing much better under some new medicine, and her vision has returned to normal!

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