Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting Pumped for the Abdomen

The semester feels like it's flying by.

Does that really say the next Anatomy lab exam is 11/12/12?
And that's only two weeks away???
Last week we had our Biochemistry final exam on Monday (hooray for being done with Biochem for FOREVER until I have to start studying for Step I!), lab and lecture exams on the Upper Limb (all structures in shoulder, upper arm, forearm, and wrist/hand) on Wednesday, and a Physiology / Histology exam on epithelium and nervous tissues this morning. I've been keeping my head above water so far, so that's good!

Since Biochem is over, we started Genetics last week, and our first quiz is tomorrow morning. Like the rest of my class, I'm a little behind in Genetics... A lot behind, honestly. At least I don't feel alone in that, right? 

Today in Anatomy lab, we're starting the Abdomen! We started Abdomen in lecture last week, but today is our first time spent working on it in lab. I don't know why, but I've sort of been looking forward to this all semester. The abdomen is where most of the organs are that do stuff in ways that keep the body running. Yeah, there are a few outlying structures that do things - and they're very interesting too, it's just... I don't know. I don't mean to put down the brain, lungs, heart, limbs, and skin (hopefully they're not offended), but there's just so much going on in the abdomen! It's like a whole greek salad of organs, and I can't wait to get in there and see which component is my favorite.

Too graphic? Perhaps, but it's my blog. Just know that the eating metaphor is just that - a metaphor. Anyway, I have tons of stuff that I could dump into this post, but I actually do have to prelab and study for Genetics, so in the words of one of my more socially adept classmates...

Later yo.


Nicole said...

I am offended on their behalf, actually.

Justin said...

@Nicole - I've gotta figure out how to add a "like" button to my comments section...

Rodney said...

Why do I get the feeling that, for you, opening the abdomen of a cadaver is akin to going on recess for a third-grader? Shiny, excited eyes and all......:)

Justin said...

@Rodney - you should have seen how excited I got to learn that the stomach is nowhere near where we think it is. It's actually just deep to your sternum and lower-left ribs, about an inch or two under your heart where it sits on your diaphragm. The diaphragm is the only thing that separates the heart from the stomach. Yeah. Insane.

Tyler said...

Gotta say, you've ruined Greek salads for me - that, and I'm concerned about the frequent metaphors of organs to food....

NoLongerSilent said...

LOL abdomen is an interesting unit. All I have to say is the liver is a boss and I like to call the Foramen of Winslow...Winnie LOL.

Also, it's funny that you refer to the abdomen as a Greek Salad because some of the names for the structures make me think of Greek mythology (i.e Ligament of Treitz) LOL

We start genetics next week and I am not impressed LOL. But I am also glad to have Biochem and Physio out of my life for now LOL.

Well any who, I really enjoy reading your blog!

Good luck!

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