Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moose on the Highway - A Med School Analogy

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So Monday was our second Medical Biochemistry exam - way more difficult than the first one. I actually had a joking conversation with some fellow med students where we weighted the pros and cons about which would be more preferable - taking a Biochem exam or getting punched by a drunk. The good news is that I studied way harder for this recent exam than I did for the first one and ended up with a grade I can be proud of. Unfortunately, that was not the biggest moose on the highway this week. That classification belongs to the Anatomy Head and Neck exam, which comes in two parts. I'll be taking the lecture exam tomorrow morning at 8:00am sharp, followed by the lab exam at noon. The volume of information in this unit is absolutely staggering.

It's actually that very volume that is going to cut this post shorter than I'd like, as I have to get back to work. To give you some sort of idea, I can tell you that it covers the material from page 637 to 969 in our coursepack - 332 pages of fairly dense material. Here's one stereotypical page:

This material translated into 585 flashcards, most of which have multiple "sides," as they're all digital. In fact, here's a screenshot of my computer from just before I decided to write this post:

That's right. If you're observant, you noticed that I've been studying in the Secchia Center for over twelve hours now, and probably won't be able to go home for another two or three still. And I still won't have covered everything we "need" to know for tomorrow. I spent about six hours in the lab before sitting down to churn through the lecture material.

And such is the life of an M1. I know I have readers who are in the pre-med stage. If you like studying, this is for you. Especially if you like exams, too. I love the learning and the studying, but it's the exams (and the horrible stress they bring with them when they're only 32 or 45 questions covering hundreds of pages of material) that really get me. Give me med school without exams, and you've got one happy Justin. The good thing is, I didn't sign up (or get accepted) to be a med student. I'll get through this, just like all of my classmates.

Wife called me earlier this evening saying she was on the road, dropping off a surprise for me back at my apartment here in Grand Rapids. She's been on vacation (Fall Break - can you IMAGINE?!?) for the past two days, so (even though I know she's had a huge amount of work to catch up on) she decided to bring me a surprise. How awesome is SHE?? So I have that to look forward to when I go home, at least...

All right, time to review the branches of the subclavian and external carotid arteries... Wish me luck in avoiding tomorrow's moose!

Image credit: http://www.trucktrend.com/features/news/2012/163_news120713_volvo_engineering_animal_detection_safety_technology/photo_12.html


Nicole said...

Please don't hit a moose. I love you. And hopefully you can go home soon and get to your surprise! :)

Allison said...

Good luck on head and neck! My friends and I were just comparing our lives during and post head and neck... significant improvement. Better days are coming!

Allison said...
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Susan said...

I like Allison's comment. Basically, this too shall pass... And so will you and your friends! What a great idea, "wife" leaving a surprise. Little by little, it all helps! Praying!

NoLongerSilent said...

Good luck! You can totally do it. One of the good things about Anatomy is the lab component does help with lecture. I was that person that liked to review random lecture material while in lab. It helped to make things stick. Plus, when times got rough I was able to think back to what we did in lab.

I'm happy to hear that BioChem is going well for you. Our last exam was a beast and now we are preparing for Unit Exam 3...ugh...it never ends LOL, and break seems so far away :(

Your wife does seem pretty awesome. I'm glad that you two are able to work in seeing one another. Well just as you, I'm going to get back to work. As I said before, Good Luck tomorrow!

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