Tuesday, October 23, 2012


My days this week are packed. Today was a blur: Biochemistry final this morning (it's a half-semester fitting two semesters' worth of material). Good news - I passed both the final and the class, so no need to remediate! Hooray! After the exam was over, I studied Anatomy for a couple hours, skipping a genetics lecture (I streamed it later) in the process.

After an hour-long required lecture introducing us to our newly-themed clinical skills class format, I studied another hour of Anatomy, then did my officially graded, simulated patient interview. Basically, it was the fourth (and final, hence the "graded") simulated patient interview of the semester. So, I got dressed up in nice clothes and a tie and my white coat and interviewed an actor posing as a patient. I think I did well on that, though I don't think I get my final grade until the end of the week, as a grader needs to sit down and watch my 12.5 minute interview to grade me.

After that, I spent 2.5 hours in the Anatomy lab, drilling everything I could about the muscles of the upper limb into my head. After that, it was an hour of Bible study, then another three hours in Anatomy lab working on getting the nerves and arteries of the upper limb straight (or anastomosed?) in my head. After that I went home and streamed that Genetics lecture and studied Anatomy for another hour. All told, today was a solid 16 hours of studying, exam-taking, and lecture-attending.

Right now, I'm exhausted. I'm not feeling down, but I am feeling sick. My sinus infection hasn't completely gone away, though it has spread itself into my respiratory tract, so I've got a pleasantly hacking cough to go with the pounding sinuses. Hours upon hours of bending over cadavers tends to result in headaches, so I'm keeping the acetaminophen handy. Overall though, my spirits are generally pretty high, despite the high workload, stress, and ill health.

Right now, it's time to sleep, and am I ever going to need my rest for tomorrow. Somehow, CHM thought it would be a good idea to schedule me for SEVEN HOURS IN A ROW OF LECTURE WITHOUT A BREAK. That's right - from 8am till 3pm, I'm scheduled to be in lectures with no break longer than you might need to go to the bathroom. That means no lunch. Luckily, there are two hours of lecture in there that I can skip and stream later, so guess I'll be doing that. And sometimes the faculty wonders why students don't attend all the lectures. Sometimes, it's because their schedule looks like this:

Now, this wouldn't be such a big deal if we didn't have an Anatomy final on Wednesday. That's really all I want to be studying for right now, so all of these side things feel really distracting. Also, that last green block for tomorrow is not optional, like it might seem. It's required. And I just remembered that today they notified us of some required readings that we have to do for that. Which I haven't done yet... Shoot. What time is it? 12:01am?

Guess I'd better get started.

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Susan said...

Big congrats on the day behind you and lots of prayers for all that is ahead. You go, Justin! And get better soon!!!

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