Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Car Hecticness And Movember Mustache Pics!

This week has been full of messy hectic business. Wife and I recently swapped her car (a Mazda 3) for one with better handling in the winter months (a Honda Element) now that I won't be around to come dig her out if she gets stuck. This has seriously been a problem before, so believe me - it was necessary.

Anyway, we found one last week, and a significant portion of this past weekend was spent traveling, checking the car out, and finally buying it. Whew! We're now the proud owners of a 2004 Honda Element. This grainy, terrible, horrible picture that Wife will probably kill me for posting because it doesn't do her or Eleanor (that's what she named her - Eleanor the Element) justice is the only one we have so far:

Eleanor is the exact same color as my car, Hansel. You see, her old car was named Gretel, so... yeah.

Unfortunately, the tale doesn't end that simply. Oh no. The seller still had a lien out on the car, and needed to pay off the balance with the sale money. I thought we would be able to transfer the title and register the car in my name before getting the lien cleared from the title, but apparently that's illegal. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

On Monday (after taking the Abdomen exams in Anatomy after hardly studying at all over the weekend - don't worry though, I am very happy with my score, all things considered) I went back to Holland to get everything squared away with the car so Wife could drive it. Since my name is on the title, I have to be there to do the transfer. Unfortunately, since Sunday was Veteran's Day, the Secretary of State's office was closed on Monday. So, I pretty much wasted 2.5 hours of my Monday. No big deal, I thought. I'll just suck it up and get everything done tomorrow.

On Tuesday, I got out of class at 3pm and had until my Genetics directed study session at 6pm to get things DONE. Drove to Holland, got to the SOS office, waited in line, and when my came moved up to the lady at the desk. I told her what I wanted, and she promptly told me she couldn't do what I was asking because legally I did not own the car.

Me: "Wait, what do you mean I don't own the car? It's bought and paid for - see? We filled out the title transfer."

She: "Yes, but see here? There's still a lien on the vehicle, which means that legally it hasn't been released yet, which means I can't register the vehicle in your name."

Me: "Oh."

Big time BUMMER. I wasted another three hours and had nothing to show for it. This much wasted time is a BIG DEAL when under the constraints of a med student's schedule. I ended up getting a hold of the seller, and it looks like he's going to his bank on Thursday or Friday to pay off the loan, and will have the confirmation emailed to me that day. Ugh - such a pain. Meanwhile, Wife can't really feel free to drive the car because, even though it's insured, since it doesn't have a license plate there's a good chance she'll get pulled over by the police, and that's never fun.

And so, since then I've been playing catchup. There's a HUGE Physiology exam on Monday, so that's the next hurdle. We start lower limb in Anatomy today. To give you an idea of the scope of this unit, I'll just say that the test we'll be taking in four weeks is over 700 pages of material. 700.

Deep breaths, right?

In other news, here's an update of the Stache Pics for Movember. Please consider donating here if you feel my effort is laudable (or laughable) and/or would like to help fund prostate cancer research!

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Susan said...

Your love and commitment is again made visible by your actions. Protecting her in this way goes a LONG way in a lot of directions! Praying for you on those upcoming tests! 700 pages...shiver/gasp!

Nicole said...

Thank you for taking care of everything! ......but yes I do hate that unflattering picture of me...

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