Wednesday, December 12, 2012


What I'm like when it's the day before my last med school exam of the semester and I realize I'm sick:

I know I'm about to base a trend on only two data points - a real "no-no" in statistics and trend modeling - but I don't care. I have had two breaks this semester - Thanksgiving and Christmas (now), and it seems like each time, just as I get close enough to smell my freedom from studying/exams, I get sick. Interestingly enough, it doesn't seem to just be me.


It started for me yesterday. It's like my body knew that in 48 hours, it would be free to sleep, so it decided to start taking it easy. Here's what I envision the inner dialogue of my immune system to have been:

Oh, we have a break coming up? Hey that's cool; I've been staving off all these infections for so long, this is very welcome! Hmm... Now that it's so close, I don't think anyone would notice if I just started break a little early... *Settles back onto metaphorical overstuffed couch and grabs a bag of Cheetos* There now, that's much better... *Picks up phone.* "Hey, B Lymph! Yeah! It's break time! Nah, we can start now, it's all good. Come on over and we'll hang! What? You wanna bring T Lymph. Aw man, I know he's your cousin, but... Well... All right, but if he starts showing me pictures of all his newest receptors, I swear I'll kick him out. Cool. Later bro.

Little did my lazy, jumping-at-the-chance-for-a-break immune system know, while he was dozing on the couch through an episode of CHIPs just like I did when I was sick as a child, this nasty virus / cold / whatever was sneaking into my blood to wreck havoc with my sinuses, throat, and digestive tract. Way to go, lymphocytes. Failure.


Jill said...

Sorry to hear that Justin. So you'll probably feel like crap during your last final(s) and a day or two after, but then you'll be good to go for your trip, right? Stay positive. One semester almost down!

Ryan said...

Wait until 3rd year and you're constantly surrounded by snotty, sneezy, diarrheaing, unhygienic, humanoid disease vectors all over the place. I didn't think it was possible to catch so many viruses in such a short time.

Justin said...

@Jill - Thanks for the encouragement! You're right - I'm almost there.

@Ryan - Thanks for the perspective! Hahaha, I can only imagine how much worse it will be. Maybe all of this getting sick now will just serve to prepare me a little more for the coming storm by toughening up my immune system...

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