Thursday, March 14, 2013


My grandpa's life is coming to an end. According to the doctors, he will likely pass away before midnight tonight. While we did not anticipate a specific day, this is not a surprise for me and my family.  I haven't written about it on here before - and for good reasons - but I write about it now in a limited and respectful way to honor his memory before he passes away.

Around early February my father's father was taken by ambulance to the hospital after some episodes of confusion. Initially, they thought he'd had a stroke, and once he was stabilized he was flown by helicopter to a larger hospital. After they did some imaging of his brain, they found that he actually had many tumors in his brain and around his heart and lungs. The tumors were far too numerous for operation or treatment. At the time, the doctors gave him approximately one month to live. While I was in Costa Rica last week, I received an email that his condition was deteriorating.

His time is now coming to a close, so I ask that you please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. Though my grandma died when I was a teenager, this will be my first experience as an adult with the death of a loved one, and I am not quite sure how to deal with it. I think it will help to have been able to prepare for it ahead of time. I also believe that there is life after death, and I believe my grandpa will be celebrating with Christ, my grandma, and two of my aunts in heaven in just a few short hours.

I also think it will help to focus on the great memories of my grandpa that I have from my childhood. Things like catching minnows and fishing off of his dock, feeding the ducks, digging for worms (and eating fresh tomatoes) in his garden, summertime family reunions, and wondering where in his house he might have hidden his fabled stash of gold coins (he lived through the depression, after all). I loved playing with the micro machines and miniature pinball machine that he kept for when we came to visit. I loved looking through all the photos of the far-off and exotic places that he and my grandma had visited during their life together. My grandpa lived a sometimes difficult but very full life, and I count myself blessed to be his grandson.

Please pray for my family, and also that my grandpa's passing be as calm and painless as possible. Thanks to everyone for your support.


Tee said...

Oh what a time! Praying for you and your family. Stay strong in faith, Grandpa is going over to a better place where there is neither pain nor worries.

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for you, your family and your grandpa that his passage is peaceful and that you will all feel God's presence very keenly in these days. As an older reader, I will share that it has never been easy to say goodbye to loved ones. I think leaning on prayer and friends is what carries us through the tough days. Peace be with you.

NoLongerSilent said...

I know it can be difficult to lose a loved one and looking back over those memories and staying prayerful are some of the best ways to make it through those times. I will keep you, your family, and grandpa in my prayers.

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