Thursday, May 23, 2013

Acid Reflux???

Interestingly, this was the exact same chart on the wall in the exam room.

So I described my weird throat issue yesterday, and had my appointment with the ENT today. He sprayed some crazy stuff in my nose to numb it up, then scoped me out. Apparently he can see what he needs to from the top of the back of my throat, and he goes through the nose so nobody bites off the tip of his $7,000 scope, haha. It was really uncomfortable, even with the numbing, and at one time he had to pull it out so I could sneeze. Very uncomfortable.

He couldn't see anything (no lesions or bumps), and diagnosed me with acid reflux. I asked if 1.) acid reflux can make you feel like you have a bump in your throat even if there's no inflammation or bump, and 2.) if acid reflux can give this gagging problem that I have, and he said yes on both counts - and that it's fairly common... I'm dubious, but he really seemed to know his stuff, and I won't lie - he was in his fifties and had lots of silver flecking his dark hair. Such obvious distinguished age made it easier to trust / believe him when he said that he gets 2-4 guys a day with similar problems due to acid reflux, even if they don't complain of any heart burn.

So, he prescribed Omeprazole:

"20mg capsule once by mouth every day at dinner."

I have a follow-up in July to see if it's making any difference. It feels weird to say, "There's no evidence that it's THIS and I can't tell anything from the examination that says that it's THIS and you're not having any other symptoms of THIS, but I think it's THIS," but I guess that's what experience tells you sometimes? Hopefully anyway... At least there weren't any growths. Here's hoping the meds help...


Joshua said...

Weird, any word on your foot?

osms said...

thanks for keep us update.

Rhita Colby said...

I just had a similar experience with my ENT doctor. He said I have "silent reflux," meaning I don't get the heartburn, just the acid up the throat. Have found that massage therapy in the neck and shoulders does wonders to clear that sensation out of the throat. Good luck to you!

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