Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dickies Scrub Top from Uniformed Scrubs - Review

I was recently contacted by Uniformed Scrubs and offered the opportunity to review a medical scrubs top from the new Spring lineup by Dickies. I am not being paid to review this product, so rest assured that these opinions are my own and not dictated in any way by an "employer" of any sort. If I think they're cool, I'll say so; if not, not. One plus is that Uniformed Scrubs provided a coupon code for my readers - read on to see how you can save 15% off!

This top is from the new line of classic Dickies Scrubs. To give an idea of fit, I'm 6' 2" tall and 178lbs, and I was given the Medium top to review. Yeah, it's me modeling the top in all of these photos. Wife will get a kick out of this... I thought the length was great - just long enough to cover my waistline, but not long enough to impede access to scrub bottom pockets. As you might note from my weight, I'm not the most "filled-out" guy (I'm skinny), which oftentimes results in me feeling like I'm swimming around a bit in some over-sized scrub tops. While I did need an undershirt with the Dickies Medium, I wouldn't have felt uncomfortable or out of place wearing these around the floor.

The rather large tags that come sewn into the neckline were a bit of a nuisance, and will definitely be getting snipped out before I spend the day working or volunteering in this scrub top. I'm fairly picky when it comes to my necklines. If it seems weak or itchy, it's a no-go, which nicely was NOT the case with this top. Overall, the neckline was a bit on the larger side but again, with an undershirt thrown on, I quickly forgot about it. It felt solid, and without the tags would be perfect.

At 65% polyester and 35% cotton not only is it easy to care for, you won't have to worry about this scrub top shrinking - what you see is what you'll get. I expect it will wear quite well, too. The fabric is a thick enough weave to feel solid and sturdy without feeling too warm. Some of the cheaper scrubs that I've worn in the past have felt flimsy, as though they would start to wear after just a week or two. Not so with the new Dickies scrub top. I could see this lasting a long while with regular use.

One thing that I liked in particular was the breast pocket, which is actually a double pocket, giving you two reinforced edges to clip stuff onto. It also has a specially reinforced pen slot (here featuring my favorite of pens, the Pilot Hi-Tec-C) for those heavy pen users out there. I tossed my iPhone 4s and a pen in there to give you an idea of the size of the pockets. The larger pocket was actually deep enough to swallow the phone, but it peeked out of the smaller pocket just enough to give you an idea of the pocket width.

Overall, I would say these scrubs will more than get the job done. They're just what I would be looking for in a durable, comfortable scrub top. They're thick enough to add a little warmth when on the cold floors, while not so thick as to be sweltering. They'd go well underneath a white coat in the ED or simply worn on their own with an undershirt. They have a solid, durable feel, and have reinforced stitching at stress points (pockets, neckline, etc) so I can't see them wearing out quickly.

As mentioned earlier, Uniformed Scrubs was generous enough to offer my readers a coupon code, valid until August 31st, 2013. Use the code trueblue during checkout and get 15% off your order. Don't forget to check out Uniformed Scrubs online:

Twitter: @UniformedScrubs

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