Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hobbes Comes Home - Puppy Pictures!

Today, Hobbes came home.

Meet Hobbes:

Hobbes Newton MyLastName
Hobbes is the new pet member of our family.
Wife named him after my a character from my favorite comic, Calvin and Hobbes.
I gave his middle name as Newton after Isaac Newton, who was such a baller that at age 17 he developed the mathematics used to plot lunar lander trajectories 242 years after his death (and a bunch of other cool stuff).
Hobbes is a 5-week old Golden Retriever puppy and .: is the cutest thing currently alive on Earth.
Two weeks ago, we went to visit Hobbes with his bro and sisters.
Today, we brought Hobbes home:

Driving to Wesner's Goldens to pick Hobbes up.

Wife was VERY excited. Hobbes is the first puppy she's EVER HAD.

Again, a very excited wife.

Our first official meeting with Hobbes, since in the last visit we didn't know which one would be ours.

Cute Hobbes.

Giddy Wife and cute Hobbes.

Hobbes grunts like a mole when you do this.

Ecstatic Wife and cute Hobbes.

Uncomfortable Hobbes and blissful Wife.

Happy Hobster-Lobster (  (c) tinywifebiglife  ) and proud Wife.

Explorer Hobbes.

Intimidated Hobbes meets Naiya, who now lives with my mom and stepdad.

Cuddly Hobbes sleeps by Naiya.

Dirty Hobbes gets a bath.

Wet Hobbes = Cute Hobbes

Drenched Hobbes = Extra Cute Hobbes

Papoose Hobbes and Exceptionally Giddy Wife

Sacked Hobbes and Bearded Me

Zonked Hobbes and Puppy-Proud Wife

Dead-To-The-World Hobbes

Reclusive Hobbes doesn't wanna play after his long day.

A drink of water would not be amiss, though.
And now, Hobbes is asleep in a packing crate with his stuffed octopus, as apparently that is cozier than the crate that we set up for him... Go figure. Stay tuned for more awesomely cute Hobbes pics and vids as he joins us for My Medical Transformation! Also, this week we went camping and it was great - more on that later...


Jill Thomas said...

That is one cute puppy! Have fun with him!

Susan said...

I loved that photo and play by play documentary! Congrats on the adorable puppy and very geeked wife. Nice job on both!

Shaye walsh said...

Hey, I can't seem to find your email. I had a quick question about your blog! Can you email me?


Justin said...

Hi Shaye-

At the top of my blog there is a section entitled, "Contact Me." If you use that, it will send me a secure email. Thanks for reading!

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