Saturday, July 6, 2013

Photos Galore - Fishing, Fireworks, and Beachday Fun

Getting ready for the big day.

I may be backup posting for a couple days, as summer is in full swing here in Jintusland. For the Fourth of July, Wife and I went fishing for the bulk of the morning with my dad. It was Wife's FIRST TIME EVER fishing. She'd never even touched a fish that hadn't been deep-frozen and bought at Meijer (Michigan grocery store), let alone hooked one and reeled it in. She ended the day pulling in several fish of notable size, mostly pike and large-mouth bass. Here are some key highlights of the day:

Wife reminded me to power up like Mega-Man:

Shortly thereafter, Wife began to channel her inner Harry Potter... She's a big fan.

The old fishing boat...
...gets dropped in at the boat launch...

...towed by me...
...and sat in by Wife!

The thing I least expected Wife to say at the end of the day, she said: "I really liked fishing!"

Dad, the master angler at work...

The first fish Wife ever "held," she did so with a towel. She insisted, after being told that pike are particularly slimy...

Wife is fish-shy (haha) and doesn't want to touch the bass she just caught.

My dad and I tried to coax her into it, saying it needed her help to get released back into the wild!
She needed to go back into NURSE-MODE.

Not so much...

After just a little more yelling/threatening coaxing/psyching-up, Wife did it!

Me, holding my pitifully small pike.
Dad, teaching me how to clean a slightly larger fish later in the day.

After catching more than 12 fish, we called it a day and Wife decided to walk on water go for a swim.

That was the actual 4th of July. The night before my mom, stepdad, Wife, and I met up with one of Wife's friends for some fireworks in Allegan. I tried my hand at some night-time photography, using (for you photography aficionados) my Nikon D90 with mostly 5-15 second shutter speeds at 200 ISO and F-stop between 5.6-11.0 for the majority of the shots:

And that was that! Today, Wife and I went to the beach at VanBuren State Park and had a jolly time of it with our new SportBrella, a ridiculously-named but VERY convenient beach accessory. It was the first time we've had the ability to choose when to be in the sun or shade. Best thing about this beach - we had it almost completely to ourselves and the water was AMAZING:

Seriously, talk about some beautiful water. Crystal-clear, too.
We discussed it, and we're going to just stick to Michigan for a while, skipping Caribbean
vacations and saving up for jaunts to the East of the Atlantic... Very post-med school thoughts, but yeah...

Going retro.

Side view of Wife and the awesome SportBrella.

Photography is easy with a good subject...

...and when that subject has normal-shaped feet...

...and toes.

Starting to realize I took too many pictures while Wife slept.


Selfy with awesome water.

The only source of waves today.

Pretty much the most packed the beach got. It was awesome.

Here's the power plant just a little way down the beach. The pylons at the bottom of the frame keep you from going near the jets that vent out the (originally cold Lake Michigan water) toasty-hot exhaust water after it cooled the reactor cores. My friends and I used to swing on ropes into the huge jets of water (not visible here), but the kabosh was firmly placed on that idea after 9-11.
And that's how I have spent the bulk of the last 2.5 days. Tomorrow will be filled with breakfast, puppies (we're going to visit the litter of golden retrievers from which we will select our new puppy!!!), and Amish furniture (I'm hopefully going to pick out a nice rocking chair b/c apparently I miscalculated and turned 98 instead of 28 with this past birthday). It's going to be a good day.

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