Monday, October 21, 2013

Musculoskeletal Domain - Check.

Aaaand, that was the fastest course ever imagined. Two weeks and OUT. Today we took the Musculoskeletal Domain exam. It was touted by last year's class (well, by a few of the people that I spoke to, anyway) as one of the easier domains of the year. While that might technically have been true in terms of the volume of material, I don't really think it was true of the domain exam. How can I put this... It seemed like this exam, more than any other that we've had so far, tested us on the minutiae of the domain, rather than the key main and important concepts. This resulted in a bigger flurry of post-exam question challenges than I've seen before. Yeah, that's only two domain exams before this, but still. The staff member proctoring the exam review session had to go get more question challenge forms printed off when she ran out after about an hour. Yeah. Lots of questions that tested on tiny sentences from the coursepack, while some others didn't seem very well-written to many students.

And now, it's on to Heme/Neo (Hematology & Neoplasm) - what many other schools refer to as HemeOnc. This is stereotypically the hardest domain of the semester, and at four weeks long, I'm ready to believe it. The exam for this domain is slated at 3.5 hours long. That's a long exam, testing over a huge volume of information.

But enough about that for now. Today, Wife and I took the afternoon off, and it was glorious. We ordered a pizza and spent a few solid hours just chatting, playing with Hobbes, ordering a pizza (and having it delivered!), and watching some TV. We're currently back at it, getting stuff done, but it was a great way to relax after a stressful weekend of studying.

Hobbes is doing great, btw. Here's a photo of him from a couple weeks back:

I've been keeping track of his weights in a growth chart, so here's that so far:

Note: It starts at 5 weeks of age, when he only weighed was 8lbs 0.1oz.
He's doing great in his training. Here's a video from  a couple weeks ago (he was 3 months 2.5 weeks old or so at the time) of him showing off some tricks. He's even better now, but I've been too busy to make any new videos:

Secondtolastly, it has gotten too cold for my avocado plants that I started growing just before starting medical school, so I moved them inside with a grow light. We'll see how they do over the winter indoors:

Lastly, there's been absolutely no action on the ratmouse trap, so something tells me we were right before - there's a rat living in our sewer pipe. Not sure what to do about that...


Well, that about wraps it up, in a somewhat awkward ending to this rambletrocity of a post. Hah.

1 comment:

Joshua said...

It's so crazy to me that you switch subjects so quickly.

Cool to see Hobbes getting bigger and more trained.

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