Monday, February 24, 2014

Step 1 Woes

I hardly ever feel like I'm doing enough practice questions for Step 1. For those that don't know, all M2s buy a subscription to the USMLE Step 1 Qbank. This is roughly 2,300 detailed practice questions that you gain access to for several months, with the goal being to make it through every question (and the 1-2 pages of detailed explanations telling why the right answer is right, and why the wrong answer is wrong) TWICE. Along the way, most students annotate First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 book, highlighting and underlining and writing in the most important topics.

Anyway, when I'm doing questions, I just want to keep doing questions. I don't want to stop to work on other, necessary school work, like going to lectures, or re-reading my notes. The last thing I want to do is volunteer, or go to committee meetings, or read my ethics articles for the week, or eat or sleep or do anything other than more questions.

Conversely, when I'm doing other, necessary school work, all I want to do is stop so that I can do more questions, or read from First Aid. Everything else starts to feel like a waste of my time. Curse the person who designed the Countdown app I have on my phone. Curse me for creating countdowns to both the start of my intensive study period and my Step 1 date...

Sometimes, the last thing I want to do is study for Step 1 because doing so reminds me how unprepared I still am. Other times, that's all I want to do because I'm afraid that I'll wake up, and the test will be tomorrow.

In still other times, I just want to rage against residency programs for how much stock they put in this one, 8-hour exam. Gah. Angst.




I spent so much time today on stuff unrelated to Step 1, I didn't do ANY questions. More angst.

If you can't tell from this rambling, these are going to be a doozy of a few months. No promises on posting regularity / coherency.

Thoughts and well-wishes are welcome.


Rodney said...

A couple important things to keep in mind - clichés, perhaps, but useful clichés.....

The best predictor of the future is the past...and, in the past, you've done quite well in areas of learning and knowledge.

You can't put ten pounds of sugar in a five-pound sack. You can only do what you can do - and trying to do more than you can do ends up in loss.

You live a balanced life and you have a great support system - while, at the same time, you are a tremendous support for others.

Sounds like you're doing things right - have faith in God, have faith in yourself.

You're going to do great!

Susan said...

How could I add anything more to what Bekah already said (on Facebook). She said it well and she's been there so she knows what she's talking about! This whole process is made up of so many huge goals and stressors many, many of which you're now looking back on. You're certainly not alone in your angst. You can do this- absolutely! Little bites will get this elephant eaten. Go for it Justin! Praying for you always!

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