Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cardiology Domain = DONE

photo from wellingtonregional.com
Yesterday, we took the Cardiology Domain exam. It was a 3-hour exam (116 questions) covering 4 weeks of information spread out over 5 weeks (thank you, Spring Break Blitz!). It was a beast. I now feel pretty confident in my basic knowledge of how the heart functions, and most of the basics on what can go wrong and the (very basic) functionality of the drugs used to treat those conditions. Hopefully this knowledge will stick with me at least until June (when I take Step 1). Opinions in my class were fairly 'unified' regarding the quality of the exam itself and how good of a job it did representing the high-yield topics that we learned over the past few weeks. Since this is a public blog, I think I'll leave it at that...

Regardless, Cardio is over now, and we're on to MER - Metabolism, Endocrine, and Reproductive systems. We only have two domains left until the end of M2, and then it's on to the ISP to get ready for Step 1. I can't believe it's almost here. MER, Gastrointestinal, and then Step 1. Awesome.

To celebrate the end of one more Domain, Wife (who has apparently forsaken the blog world) and I went out to a movie last night, then came home and relaxed with some quality time together. I slept in this morning - a luxury which I haven't experienced since Cardio began - but now it's time to buckle down, muscle through, gear up, hit the books, get back in the saddle, put my ear to the grindstone, kick it, and think up more cliches.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and wish me luck!

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Susan said...

The best to you in these last days before step one!!! Congrats on completing the Cardio domain with a job VERY well done!! Prayers for you as you study and prepare your brains out for the remainder!

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