Saturday, July 5, 2014

This Is The Part Where I Save The Day

When Wife and I were in Asheville on vacation, we stopped at a pretty cool bookstore called Malaprops. In this bookstore were some very cool shirts. Wife decided I should have two of them. The other (my favorite) I will share at a later date, I'm sure, but the below shirt is still pretty cool:

I haven't yet figured out Wife meant it as a joke or not. There's the obvious bookstore nerd theme of comic books and superheroes. Then there's the aspirational theme of me on my way to becoming a physician. I think it's safe to say that a lot of med students dream of using the skills that we're acquiring to one day save someone's life.

The thing is, today I may have done just that. Not really probably, but maybe a little bit possibly. Perhaps. Probably not.

I was out walking Hobbes for the second time today. On our walk, I'd tried out my new hospital Med Student badge on the parking structure at the hospital to see if it would work. It's ridiculous, but when the entrance gate swung up to admit the car I wasn't driving, I was thrilled.

So Hobbes and I are walking down the sidewalk back toward home, past some houses in the neighborhood, and I see this woman in her thirties walking with a little girl. The woman had a kite in her hand, and I thought maybe they were going to a nearby park to fly it. 

Suddenly, the woman starts jogging and letting the kite rise behind her. She lets it go up about 15 to 20 feet, right next to the elevated cable and telephone lines. Where we live, the lines go: cable (lowest) then telephone (middle) then electric (highest). The kite was getting higher as she got closer to me and picked up speed, and I could tell she was trying to get it as high as possible. It was making me nervous, thinking about the kit hitting the higher lines, so I casually said "Um, it might not be the best idea to fly that near the power lines. You could maybe get electrocuted?" 

She quickly slowed, letting the kite drop to the ground behind her. Her expression slowly changed into this dawning look of horror, and she said, "Oh. It probably wouldn't be the best to hit those would it?" I said, "Nope. Not the best idea." and just kept walking.

I don't know what would've happened if she'd hit the power lines. Best case scenario, the string would've been a sufficient insulator to not let her be zapped and she'd've just lost the kite to the tangle of string. I don't like to think of the worst case, but at least now we won't find out.

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