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My MCAT Notecards:
I used them to study for the MCAT.
I got into medical school.
Now I'm selling them to pay for car insurance.
Normally $5/subject but buy them together
and get all four subjects for $14.99
That's one whole subject FREE.

That's 3,499 cards and practice problems for
$0.0043 each.

That's cheap.

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Topics include amides, esters, acid chlorides, anhydrides, reactivity, substituent effects on acidity/basicity, electron-withdrawing & donation, structure identification, reaction product prediction, saponification, transesterification, and more. Please note: these cards are designed for use with Mental Case software, available in free (iOS) and paid (iOS and Mac) versions in the app store.

To Install the Above Trial Cards: If you're on an iOS device and have a version of Mental Case installed, simply tap on this text right here and (when the page loads) select "Open In Mental Case" in the upper right. If you're on a Mac, just click this text right here to download the file and drag the downloaded file onto the Mental Case icon in your dock to import the cards. If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Me. That contact link sends an email directly to me. I pride myself on usually responding within a few minutes, and it almost never takes longer than an hour unless I'm asleep. Enjoy, and good luck studying!

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